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Wondermutt 04-08-05 12:18 PM

Roof rack on factory bars question
I have a 1994 Ford Escort Wagon with the factory bars. These bars are kind of "domed". I would like a roof rack and am considering the Rockymounts and or the Yakima Raptor or Cobra( I have access to the mightymounts).
Wouldn't my bike kind of lean mounted on these domed bars? What do you do in this case? Take the factory bars off and get the yakima bars?

slooney 04-08-05 01:00 PM

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Wondermutt (like the name, btw)

My (former) Subaru Legacy station wagon had arched bars onto which I mounted a Rockymount tray- yes, the bike leaned a little; no, the lean presented no problem that I could tell- fork mount held the fork tight, ratchet strap held the rear wheel tight, Good-to-go. You mean like this pic, I think?


Wondermutt 04-08-05 03:04 PM

Thanks. I guess it is like that picture....I am leaning toward the RockyMounts as i can put them on my wifes Honda CRV too. I guess it would look awkward but now i think if i mount it closer to the center it won't really lean.

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