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phantomcow2 04-08-05 06:28 PM

Cambria bike
You know I have to say, these are good guys. I just ordered some spokes from them and right after i placed the order i thought "oh shift" are the nipples included? My supply of 15g is getting a little low so i doubt i have 32. I called them up and asked to add onto my order, 10 cents per brass nipple is not too bad. He put me on hold came back and said, its a done deal, i put on file to put a brass nipple for every spoke in there, free of charge. Not bad for 35 cents per spoke :)
Those are nice guys, anybody else had a similar experience with them?

PWRDbyTRD 04-08-05 11:07 PM

very helpful with identify hard parts and obtaining them...I think big lug got his springs through them.

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