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tellie 04-08-05 08:01 PM

ultegra shifters w/a 105 triple crank
I just bought my first road/touring bike, which I'm very excited about (a dramatic shift from the oversized bmx bike I've been riding for 10 years). For $700, I picked up a 2003 Jamis Quest (what could be sexier than chrome!), never touched pavement, with all 105 parts.

Well almost all 105. It was supposed to come with Shimano 105 STI Dual Control Shift Levers, but they were somehow lost in the 2 years the bike spent in a box. The shop kindly upgraded me to Ultegra, and my first spins have been like buttah.

But here's my problem: I can't engage the big ring with the index shifting. Is this just bad tuning on the part of my LBS, or is there a chance that I have Ultegra shifters meant for a double? I just wanted to be informed before I cart the thing back to my not so local LBS. Any tips would be helpful.

RonH 04-10-05 06:06 AM

Most likely the limit screw or cable.
If you're knowledgeable about bike mechanics, give it a go. If not, take it back to the shop. They should fix it at no charge.

A02 04-17-05 12:45 PM

Definately bring it to the LBS. I have all Ultegra except for my 105 triple cranks (my last upgrade) and I have no issues at all.

Retro Grouch 04-17-05 02:25 PM

It's almost surely just an adjustment issue. STI triples can be tricky to get set up initially. Not to worry about double vs. triple Ultegra shifters, they use the exact same part number to do either.

TrekDen 04-17-05 03:04 PM

Sounds like they forgot to make the adjustment. I would take the ride back to the LBS. If it isn't an adjustment issue, then I'm sure they will replace it.
Nice bike by the way.
Good Luck!

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