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CrimsonEclipse 04-09-05 02:46 PM

Need tips on longer range biking.

PWRDbyTRD 04-09-05 03:22 PM

If you're looking for more carrying capacity, you could look into some panniers, I've heard good about the Jandd Mountain panniers. If you're looking for the ability to carry more water you could increase your carrying about by 28x4 using to cages on the bike and a profile aqua rack on the seatpost.

Gojohnnygo. 04-09-05 04:30 PM

Why carry that much water? When you can have a Water Purification system.

BeTheChange 04-09-05 04:41 PM

Any arkel pannier is great. I'm with Gojohnygo, just bring a purifier with you or some iodine tablets (and if you hate the taste like I do some of the taste nutrilizing tablets). Are there any water sources where you are biking? Maybe even a building or buisness?

Machka 04-09-05 10:45 PM

What about bottles in addition to the camelbak?

And just to clarify your needs here ... are you planning on rides of 80-120 mile per day for many days ... or are you planning on 40 miles per day for 2 or 3 days to come to a total of 80-120 miles?

Will you have the option of convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, towns along the way?

Are you planning to camp?

Will your riding be on-road or off?

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