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2mtr 04-10-05 03:01 AM

How many messengers are vegetarian?
I noticed that at the messenger company I work for, a little less than half of the riders are vegos. For them, I suspect its for ethical reasons, which dovetails nicely with the whole bicycling because oil is evil thing. The other half just likes to ride.
So how many of you messengers are vegetain lacto-ovo or otherwise.

el twe 04-10-05 12:03 PM

Not a messenger by trade, but I do ride around town with a messenger bag to do my own business things (i.e. return books, buy *****, drop off bike parts, etc...).

2mtr 04-11-05 02:27 AM

maybe I shoulda posted in the fixie place. apparently those messengers are out and too busy to reply to my post. or maybe they're all partying and getting wasted on guiness and vodka.

markhr 04-12-05 11:06 AM

how many messengers work in a cube looking at bike forums when they should be working?

2mtr 04-13-05 04:01 AM

way too many. at least when there's no work.

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