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live_jazz_lover 04-11-05 10:53 AM

Bicycle Dictionary?

I admit it--I am not a real bike expert. I used to ride quite alot and will probably get back into it this year. However, as I research bikes to sell or buy, I stumble across words or phrases describing various parts of a bicycle that I'm not entirely sure what they mean.

Hence my question: is there a central location (here, or a web-site) that provides a comprehensive info bank defining what all the various parts are... a dictionary if you will? I imagine if I searched this forum long enough, I'd find what I'm looking for, but a quick survey didn't lead me to the jackpot, taking me on tangents of the definition of "damn" for instance!

Thanks much--it is rather remarkable how the internet has facilitated such a beneficial exchange of information. This forum is so interesting I find myself spending all kinds of time here when I really should be doing something else--like my taxes. 8-)

So, I'll get back to turbo-tax and will try not to see if anyone has posted a reply for at least, oh...30 mins.

Rincewind8 04-11-05 10:56 AM

look here:

live_jazz_lover 04-11-05 09:51 PM

Thanks. This was exactly what I was looking for!

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