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krazyderek 04-11-05 06:23 PM

Online lock review site?
There seems to be a million online review sites that review anything from new computer parts, printers, camera's.. etc... just wondering if anyone has ever seen one that tests out locks to see exactly how hard they are to break, snip, force open, or pick? I remember seeing some show on the discovery channel about a company that tests safe's with consumer, industrial, and pro safe cracking tools, and techniques.

So if anyone finds a really good site all about locks, (bike locks in particular, cords, u locks, etc) please post it here. Kinda something like but for bike locks :)

BillK 04-11-05 06:47 PM

While certainly not a comprehensive "Consumer Report" style review, I believe Bicycling Magazine recommended a few different brands a month or so ago (although I couldn't find it when I searched their web site).

alanbikehouston 04-11-05 09:18 PM

The UK "Sold Secure" website, and the Dutch "ART" websites list the results of their certification programs for locks, which are based on actual testing, not opinions. If you search "Bike Forums" for "ART" and "Sold Secure" you should be able to locate their URL's.

The only locks that are widely available in the USA that get top ratings from both "Sold Secure" and "ART" are the Kryptonite New York U-lock, and Fahgettaboudit chain, and the OnGuard Brute U-lock and the OnGuard Beast Chain.

If you park an expensive bike in New York, or on a college campus, you might want to combine one of those U-locks with one of those chains. That combination might weigh more than Lance's bike, but, security has a price...

jeff-o 04-12-05 05:59 AM

Expensive bikes should have a tracking device built into the frame. That would be sweet.

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