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blt1175 04-12-05 07:42 PM

Heart Rate monitors
Anyone out there have a good heart rate monitor that they like. I've looked at Polars but been reading alot of bad reviews on the extra fuctions they serve to cyclists, so I was thinking about getting the $50 basic just so I can pace myself.

Waldo 04-13-05 05:40 AM

Search the health and nutrition forum-there was a thread about this just yesterday.
I'm partial to Sigmas myself.

blt1175 04-13-05 10:21 AM

great thank you!!

markhr 04-13-05 07:16 PM

polar vantage nv - more functions than I can shake a stick at and, while battery life is just over a year, getting it changed only takes 5 working days. This has to be one of the best fitness investments I've made.

currently on sale at less than cost here

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