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SloButWide 11-18-15 09:56 AM

GOBA - Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure
Details for GOBA 2016 will be released next week!

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure is a bicycle-camping tour and “an adventure on two wheels with 2,999 of your closest friends.” Held annually in June, GOBA features bicycle touring at a leisurely pace, for approximately 50 miles per day through some of the friendliest areas that Ohio offers. The daily routes lead you to amazing tour attractions and welcoming food stops, while the overnights are spent being entertained by our host towns and camping under a blanket of stars. The week-long Adventure is perfect for you and your family, offering fun, Ohio hospitality, and a challenging and rewarding vacation.
It's a bit leisurely for hard core cyclists, but great for families. My son's in-laws have done it several times on a pair of tandems.

indyfabz 11-18-15 10:19 AM

Last year, during the Bon Ton Roulet in NY, we met some people from OH who do it. They like it a lot.

Tumatan 11-23-15 11:00 AM

Rode this last year for the 1st time. It is very well run, everyone was very friendly. I will be doing it again this year.

SloButWide 11-30-15 01:56 PM

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Southwest OH this year. For non-natives, Dayton is just north of Miamisburg, and Cincinnati is just below Hamilton.

Cyclist01012 12-01-15 08:17 PM

This will be number 12 for me, its all what you make of it. the group i ride it with tends to do it quite a bit faster then most. but then again its early summer and in between spring mountain bike races and late summer races. so we are just out having fun. I do wish it was in the Marietta are this year though.

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