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CanadianBiker32 12-10-13 07:15 PM

Mohican 100 for May 31 2014
Just a question anyone out there. Doing the Mohican 100 for May 31 2014?
Perhaps anyone out to sharing campsites?
Or just like get some ideas of the type of talent that comes to an event like this
i been to a few 100 mile mtb events before
but not one with NUE would this be just the same or would it be a harder field of riders?

C Law 12-11-13 01:57 PM

I haven't done the race in a few years but the top NUE series racers usually do the event. The Mohican course isn't that hard really. I think the NUE might attract a faster field of top riders, but the mid pack riders are probably the same as other places.

Word of the start on the way out of town sprint like hell up the hill if you want to get a decent shot at the starting single track. Unless they changed the course, after 1-2 miles or so there is 10 miles of rolling sweet singletrack. Tough stuff to pass on and you'll get a lot of roadies at this event with great aerobic but not much single track riding skill (log hopping, cornering). You don't want to get stuck behind 75 of them.

Good luck.

CanadianBiker32 12-11-13 04:25 PM

Sounds great. I am trying to do as many 100 milers as i can, this be my First NUE event though.

CanadianBiker32 01-08-14 11:50 PM

Is anyone here planning on riding in the Mohican 100 race May 31st 2014? Be great to know a few going. Perhaps plan a social afterwards. Where is everyone staying? is camping what most people do?

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