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dannwilliams 03-18-18 02:09 PM

Bike travel weekend

dannwilliams 04-11-18 07:28 AM

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Less than 2 months away. I have a ride registered and welcome others to join me. Register here:

dannwilliams 05-12-18 06:51 PM
3 weeks away! Still have no confirmed riders to make my ride a "group" like I was hoping. My sister thought she could do it, but unable to get it off from work. One other guy might join me, he's doing 2 weeks of bike touring in Europe and gets back a few days before this ride. It might just be me, but thats OK.Looking forward to the ride to Interstate Park, been quite a few years since last I did a #bikeovernight there. Always a great ride on the rural roads between here and there.

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