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jboeringa 11-14-18 12:04 PM

MTB Trails in Michigan
Hey everyone,

I'm a college student in Michigan and am planning on staying over the summer. I want to start getting into mountain biking and was wondering what most of the trails are like in Michigan? Also, based on this what bikes would you recommend for the types of trails in Michigan that are under $2000?

chas58 11-15-18 03:46 PM

Where specifically? Most of it is rolling hills - no epic down hillers (unless you go all the way north to Copper Harbor). Join Metro Detroit Mountain Bikes on facebook and ask there - you will get LOTS of answers. Personally, I'm happy on a hardtail.

jboeringa 11-16-18 09:20 AM

I was looking at the lower peninsula mainly, and thanks for the advice!

JonathanGennick 11-16-18 05:26 PM

There is such a plethora of bike styles on our trails that I hardly know what to suggest other than that you are unlikely to be limited no matter what you decide to buy. Marquette does have some freeride and downhill trails that benefit from longer travel suspension, but there are plenty in that area that can easily be ridden rigid. Most trails I've ridden where I live and around different parts of the lower peninsula can be ridden equally well on any type of bike.

friday1970 11-18-18 07:18 PM

So many good trails around Ann Arbor, such as the famous Potowatomi trail, the green/blue loops of Island Lake R.A., and Murray Lake/Torn Shirt loops of Brighton Lake R.A.
Many are talking about the new DTE trails south of Stockbridge.
Get familiar with this site, probably our best resource:

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