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samkl 02-06-21 07:23 PM

Recyclery February Virtual Music Party/Fun-draiser
I'm involved with a Chicago nonprofit bike shop, The Recyclery, which is hosting its annual fundraiser online. The 6th Annual Tailwind for Tools, to be official.

I say fundraiser, but really it's a fun-draiser--a virtual party featuring music from local artists, totally free to all to attend. Hang out, put it on in the background, and if you feel like chipping in a few bucks, great!

Things were tough in 2020 with the pandemic, but we still managed to give away 151 bikes to people in need, as well as install a community art project and a new public repair station. We also sold 470+ affordable, refurbished bikes with an average price of under $250. (Not too bad considering covid-era bike price inflation.)

It kicks off tomorrow with a set by Lisa Wolfgang, and continues every Sunday in February at 6pm. You can tune in here tomorrow (and following Sundays) at 6 CST!

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