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detroitjim 01-16-22 12:46 PM

St Clair Michigan New bike trail segment 2022

Just about a mile of new bike trail will be added to the Bridge to Bay Trail

“Construction of the Clinton Avenue Bike Path is planned for Spring 2022,” said Rothe. “This will install a 10-foot-wide Americans with Disabilities Act accessible trail on the north side of Clinton Avenue from Carney Drive to M-29.”

The city received funds from MDOT, the Community Foundation of St. Clair County and the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation to support the project

“MDOT’s contribution is a Transportation Alternative Program grant worth $437,000,” Rothe said.

TAP grants fund projects such as multi-use paths, streetscapes and the historic preservation of transportation facilities with the goal of offering transportation choices, promoting walkability, and improving quality of life in Michigan, according to MDOT.

“The Community Foundation and Ralph C. Wilson are providing an additional $400,000 total,” said Rothe.

The new trail section will connect the main trail along Carney Drive to the city’s downtown and waterfront, closing what the county bike trail committee determined was one of many critical gaps in the 54-mile Bridge to Bay Trail, which is about 50% complete.

agnewton 01-17-22 07:19 PM

Thanks for your post detroitjim . I've only gotten out that way a couple of times as my rides originate 50 miles to the west. But on the occasions I have been out there, that part of the ride has always felt a bit improvised. Good to hear that new bike infrastructure will simplify the route.

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