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detroitjim 03-11-22 08:57 PM

Reroute of U.S. Bicycle Route 20 in Michigan
U.S. Bicycle Route 20 currently ends up in Marine City.
The route would have taken the Bluewater Ferry in Marine City to Sombra, Ontario, Canada, and then from there it would make its way to the Atlantic Ocean.
However, the Bluewater Ferry is now closed.

The reroute will go down M-29 until Roberts Road, then it will be diverted to Clay Township’s recently repaved bike path.
From there to Algonac down Michigan Street to the Walpole Island Ferry then cross into Canada.
Apparently the Michigan Department of Transportation and Adventure Cycling Association, which establishes U.S. bike routes, needs to have local entities
effected by route changes to pass resolutions that it’s OK to use their existing bike pathways.
Clay Township board did just that in a recent meeting.

Clay Township Board passes resolution on route 20

Troul 03-11-22 09:19 PM

it's nice that paths are popping up, but the exiting paths need attention or need to be closed in favor of a new better nearby route solution.

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