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caadman 10-15-06 02:38 PM

Oakland county also, beverly hills Mi. to be specific. In between birmingham and southfield.


Everest 10-15-06 04:25 PM

Henry County Iowa

quickKarl 10-15-06 04:34 PM

Rantoul, Il.


lester 10-18-06 03:41 PM

elmhurst, illinois. do a lot of riding on the prairie path and illinois centennial trail. commute to work 2-3 times per week.

dannwilliams 10-21-06 03:47 AM

River Falls, WI by way of Cannon Falls, MN, Chippewa Falls, WI and originally Woodstock, IL. We have hills here. 3400' on a 60 mile ride.

Rogerinchrist 10-21-06 08:05 PM

Plymouth, Wisconsin

Halfway between the Brewers & the Packers.

Stewartia_girl 10-22-06 05:24 PM

Well This is my check in: SE Ohio almost to the hocking hills. Very hilly country roads-some good, some bad. Lots of bikers come down here to ride. Can't ride as much as I like 'cause I am a PhD student, Mom of 3 teenagers and wife of cop so most of the time I'm in my car :-( I ride my beautiful '86 Bianchi

Stewartia_girl 10-22-06 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by alwayssummer
Columbus, Ohio. Just got here. Still figuring out where to ride and looking for buddies to ride with.

Hey-your a grad student at OSU? I am too but I commute from lancaster area each day. I'm in HCS Dept. Did you check out the OSU clubs? Theres alot of riders. Hope you find a buddy. I pretty much ride on my side of the freeway.

Rogerinchrist 10-22-06 09:09 PM

The beauty of Grace is that it makes life not fair ~ Reliant K

Great sig line!

ceo32312 10-29-06 12:12 PM

Manitowoc, WI

Grew up in Door County

New to the hole bike scene, Planning on pulling the trigger on a new MTN bike one of these days.

dave342 10-30-06 07:09 PM

60 miles north of Milwaukee and 60 miles south of Green Bay. And yes in River Falls there are plenty of hills to ride.

Recycle 10-31-06 08:16 AM

I live in Chicago Heights, Il - 35 miles south of Chicago.

My wife and I got on bikes last year for the first time in 30 years. We've been doing day trips around the Grand Illinois Trail this year. Favorite ride was Hanover to Galena to Apple River Canyon SP.

spry 10-31-06 05:50 PM

The perfect fall day

A ride through Hocking County Biketrail,hockey game at Ohio State!

edgar_rhode 11-03-06 07:57 AM

grosse pointe park, mi.

just mounted the bike on an indoor trainer ( ugh ) but still hope to get some additional "real" miles in this season.

Frunkin 11-05-06 01:35 PM

appleton WI

Roody 11-05-06 02:43 PM

Lansing, Mich. I'll be riding all winter as usual.

MichiganMike 11-07-06 03:58 PM

St. Joseph MI, SW corner of the state, right on the Lake.

Mayonnaise 11-08-06 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by mwrobe1
Wow...I never noticed this subforum before!
I'm in Evergreen Park Illinois. The city of Chicago surrounds me on the south, east and north, with Oak Lawn and Hometown situated west of me. I originally grew up 3 blocks from Midway airport (planes took off and landed literally right over my house) 1 block away from Archer Ave, 1/2 block from north/south freight train tracks, 1/2 block away from the Midway L...needless to say I'm accustomed to alot of noise LOL.
Any udder sout-siders out there? And when I say sout-siders...I mean south of 35th street...not Madison Ave. :D

I live in Beverly, far south side of Chicago, 95th and Western. I commute into the city each day. Like I do each Fall, I try to get a full head of steam and blast as deep into the season as possible because I know when January comes around that little voice in my head will say how nice and warm it is and why do I need to go out on the bike anyway. It's a battle I fight.

riverpines5 11-11-06 07:41 AM

Hey, how did you get that Moose on your name?

hoogy 11-14-06 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by MichiganMike
St. Joseph MI, SW corner of the state, right on the Lake.

Hey, a fellow SW Michigander. Hello MichiganMike.

Mariner Fan 11-15-06 12:21 PM

Alexandria Indiana. Between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

OldBen 11-16-06 08:41 AM

Chesterton, Indiana here...southern tip of the lake. good rides to Illinois or Michigan from here. Still commuting to Valparaiso twice a week on my converted mountain bike...but not today (35-40 mph winds!)

shider 11-17-06 08:16 AM


Originally Posted by OldBen
Chesterton, Indiana here...southern tip of the lake. good rides to Illinois or Michigan from here. Still commuting to Valparaiso twice a week on my converted mountain bike...but not today (35-40 mph winds!)

Not quite as bad where I live (25, gusting to 35) but I think that's the first time I've had to pedal (hard) just to be able to go down hill. Luckily, most of my commute was with a cross wind and I only had a mile and a half directly into the wind.

Wouldn't you know it though, the winds had calmed significantly by the time I was ready to go home...

JoMo 11-18-06 04:55 PM

Way out on the back forty, Mahaska county Iowa. (60 miles SE of Des Mones)

BlueJay66 11-18-06 07:10 PM

Northern McHenry County in Illinois...two miles from Wisconsin. I ride mostly by myself,but also ride with the MCBC. Worked the Udder Century this year, rode Bike the Drive twice, RAIN, The Ramble, the Harmon Hundred and the Pumpkin Pedal (twice for 127 miles) I have over 3500 miles on the odometer for 2006. I had a few solo centuries this summer too. Good Times!! I want to do the Horribly Hilly Hundred in 2007 and I want to do a double century. Here's to a fairly dry winter!


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