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Scummer 08-29-08 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by Elisdad (Post 7367932)
Man, you just got me depressed. I feel for you man, if you lived out here I'd gladly lend you a bike for the weekend. I'll be out in Galena and NOT riding anyway.

Thanks for the offer :)
I have a 2nd bike at home which is pretty much a carbon everything and mounting my daughters one wheeler to a carbon seat post is concerning to say the least.

And my wife is going to fly to Mexico City tomorrow because her aunt passed away, so I have kids duty throughout the whole long weekend.

I guess I'm going to make the best of it and start throwing some balls with me kiddios.

Elisdad 08-29-08 02:04 PM

Sorry to hear about your wife's loss. Have fun with the kids.

Now I'm off to enjoy the Alpine Slides with my little one.

garysol1 08-29-08 02:18 PM

I read where your stem broke on the commuter but what happened to the Madone?


Originally Posted by Scummer (Post 7367819)
8/28 Bike broken
8/29 Bike broken
8/30 Bike to haul kids around still broken
8/31 Bike to haul kids around keeps being broken
9/1 F'n holiday delays my stem delivery.. result: Bike still broken
9/2 No commute since the stem doesn't arrive until noon and I'm at work. No Tuesday night races either. Parent - Teacher conference. F#[email protected]!!!
9/3 If I'm lucky I get to commute with my new stem on my bike

Scummer 08-29-08 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by garysol1 (Post 7368072)
I read where your stem broke on the commuter but what happened to the Madone?

My Madone is rideable, but I can't hitch the one wheeler onto the carbon seat post. Well, I can, but I don't want to risk it. My daughter is far to precious to have her face smashed because of a snapped seat post.

nocondorfx 08-29-08 02:38 PM

8/29- 26 miles in the granny gear

Psimet2001 08-29-08 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by nocondorfx (Post 7368194)
8/29- 26 miles in the granny gear

Why would you ride 26 miles wearing an old dress with a grey wig and spectacles?

aham23 08-29-08 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by garysol1 (Post 7366285)
Past few weeks I have been having to force myself to ride. Sucks when riding a bike becomes chore.......

8/29 = Yes. a complete suckfest and labored effort. cant even call these junk miles they were so bad. anyway, 44 miles on this friday afternoon, my last one off as my company returns back to regular hours next week.

Gary, i may have some motivation for you. with two days to go this month i think i have a 20ish mile lead on you for BFNIC supremacy (or something like that) ;)


patester242002 08-29-08 03:15 PM

8/29: 13+ miles. Might end up w/ 500 miles for the month.

Psimet2001 08-29-08 04:02 PM

Might end up with 50 miles for the month.

CyLowe97 08-29-08 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by patester242002 (Post 7368381)
8/29: 13+ miles. Might end up w/ 500 miles for the month.

A couple of weekend rides and I should get to the 500 mile mark for August.

That would be quite satisfying after barely cracking 300 miles in July. August is usually the giant lull where everything falls apart and hardly any riding gets done by me.

Oh, did I ride today? Nah. But I did wash my bike, so it should rain in buckets any time now. :D

naujcdl 08-29-08 06:33 PM

8/29 - 37.38 miles at a good average speed of 18, not bad for a noob, hehe.

All of this has caused me a sudden pain or "pinch" pain on my left elbow as i put my hand on the drop or on the hood...any ideas?


nocondorfx 08-30-08 09:40 AM

8/30- 24 miles ftw. literally.

Psimet2001 08-30-08 10:09 AM

Right around 40-ish miles with the Village Pedaler group. They've been changing up routes and playing with an A/B group deal for a while now I guess. Tons of people and groups out on the roads. Rode with another group for a while.

Good ride. Some true hauling ass matched with some crawling to bring the last guy in. I like that sometimes.

Tsuru 08-30-08 10:26 AM

Did 40 miles today in Columbus..... when north on the Olentangy Bike Path (bad mistake with the first OSU game going on today), made it up to 161, over to High, up to Worthington/Galena or something to Schrock out Westerville.

Made my way to Sunbury, down to Morse, to Cherry Bottom Rd, to US62, Johnstown, Cassady, then Broad back to the Scioto then Olentangy Bike Path.

All before breakfast!!! WOOT!

A blast! Good pacing, felt great, traffic was okay. Some head winds, tail winds, etc..... a great mix of everything all in all.


naujcdl 08-30-08 11:32 AM

23.45 miles, with a fall that was totally unnecessary and bleh, tomorrow i'll do a half century to get the remainder of today's lack of interest, oh yeah, elbow pain...still, ugh.

voldemort 08-30-08 11:35 AM

8/29 Hot and sweaty, rode past Penny Road Pub yesterday and started thinking about a cold one. Checked the time. Oh yeah, it's 7:30...AM...and I still have 15 miles to rush hour traffic. Good thing they weren't open yet, so I didn't have to make a decision.;)

30/30 split am/pm, 60 for the day. On the way home stopped at MT Barrels for a pint of Weiss-carbs.:D

aham23 08-30-08 12:43 PM

8/30 = Yes

37 miles with the Endure IT Sports group. they have two rides that start near me, an A and a B. i rolled over to where i thought the A group was starting only to find one car in the lot with a mtb on its rack?? so, i quickly made my way to the B group starting point to find 20 plus riders gearing up.

the group quickly split into 3 groups. i rode at the front with 7 others. these 7 could likely ride all day at a consistent pace, but didnt seem to be big fans of sudden accelerations & efforts. no one really attacks or sprints out, well, exact for me :). took off just at the base of the "hilly" section of the route. put a nice little gap into the group before sitting up and then getting gobbled up by the Tri Train.

i ended at 21 mph for the 37 miles and felt good. i cant help think if the B group goes at 21 mph then what the heck does the A group do? if i can find them next weekend i will let you know :). later.

CyLowe97 08-30-08 12:48 PM

I notched 42.4 miles this morning riding from home over to Barrington Hills and back. Legs still feeling sluggish, but it felt good to get out there.

I knocked over the 500 mile mark for August, as well. Not half bad.... and there's still another day of August to go!

runwithit 08-30-08 01:43 PM

well... crap. i'm kind of tired.

8/30 - 80 miles. Southport to Noblesville to watch a cross country race and then back to Southport. Did take the break in between, but for some reason I wasn't thinking and I ran around the course cheering on kids before heading back for another 40.

Tsuru 08-30-08 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by CyLowe97 (Post 7372769)
I knocked over the 500 mile mark for August, as well.


and ME TOO!

504 miles for August....

Road Fan 08-30-08 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by Psimet2001 (Post 7368247)
Why would you ride 26 miles wearing an old dress with a grey wig and spectacles?

Costume Ride?

Road Fan 08-30-08 06:52 PM

8/30 = yes!

30 miles in a new loop from west Ann Arbor, out north of Dexter, then swinging back east across the top of the city, then straight south to home. Rolling hills everywhere, farmland, some road shoulders were super and others were rougher than heck! and my tires were pumped too hard, ouch.

average about 14 mph, bit faster than normal for me. I was trying to stay in Zones 1 and 2.

momof4greatkids 08-30-08 07:06 PM

48 miles today, it was pretty nice, though I went out too fast and felt kind of cruddy the last half

CrimsonKarter21 08-30-08 07:12 PM

8/30 - 15.49 miles
I cruised easily up to the Westlake criterium course, cruised another lap, then lit the throttle for a lap. The results?
I beat my previous best time and 4 minute power. And by "beat" I mean blew it out of the water.

I'm racing in Windsor, Ontario tomorrow, and I get to be a pro because I finally wrote down all of my interval powers down on paper and taped it to my top tube. I overshot all the powers by 15-25 watts so I could accomodate for race-day adrennaline, and for psyching out other racers who happen to sneak a peek at my bike.

I might race on Monday, assuming I could find a decent race to do.

patester242002 08-30-08 07:39 PM

8/30: 40.3 miles (502.6 miles this month!)
Dropoff in Morris. Took I & M Canal trail a couple miles west of town then rode back and hung around Morris til about 2 p.m.. Then took the trails back home to Joliet (I & M Canal and Rock Run Greenway trails).:D

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