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Allegheny Jet 02-03-09 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by CrimsonKarter21 (Post 8295385)
gimme a shout out the next time you guys ride

Ya want to be a Junior Deputy too? Send me a PM with your email and I'll put you on the notification list.

garysol1 02-03-09 09:51 AM

Saturday is looking good!!

CrimsonKarter21 02-03-09 07:39 PM

I'm definetely gay for Saturday.

spry 02-04-09 07:04 PM

say what?

urban rider 02-04-09 09:19 PM

I rode today. Discovered an Under Armour store and brought a pair. Tonight it was 5 degrees Did not have a problem going home. I am sick of the winter but with these new drawers I can hang. I will be ready for the spring and summer cycling weather because I never stopped riding.

Gas, .69 cents the price of a can of beans.

fishtoes2000 02-04-09 10:32 PM

I got in 21 miles at 5-8 Farenheit (-5F windchill). It was a pretty eventful winter ride for me with one crash and nearly a second.

nocondorfx 02-06-09 04:12 PM

2/6- 23 miles. Chest/lungs/throat hurted. streets were pretty much lakes. sidestreets had some spots with packed down snow still-sketchy. But it was sunny and I got out so I'm happy.

CrimsonKarter21 02-06-09 04:46 PM

I'm so happy right now. I finally took my Giant out for a ride today, and I'm so impressed. The overall stiffness of the frame was just on a whole other playing field than my Cannondale CAAD8 of yore. At the same time, the feeling of the ride was on-par with that of my Reynolds 653 steel track bike with a slack chain.
When I pushed it up the hills, it was very noticeable that all my energy was pushing me forward, even when I wasn't riding at my best (remember, I haven't ridden 60 miles in at least 3 months). I also noticed that I was able to climb in gears 1-2 teeth less than usual, maybe because of the new ceramic hub bearings, or maybe because the pullys and BB bearings are still brand new.
As corny as it sounds, the bike is laterally stiff, yet vertically compliant.

Jawn P 02-06-09 05:47 PM

45 miles on the fixed. Need glasses so bad. My eyes are shot.

Jose Perez 02-06-09 06:10 PM

16+ miles of commuting fun. Temp was in the single digits when I rode in , but warmed up nicely for my ride home. As usual, it sure is fun to be on a bike.

patester242002 02-06-09 10:59 PM

Today, 2/6, is the one year anniversary of the big epic fail for southern wisconsin...the big snow dump

Scummer 02-07-09 10:57 AM

34.6 miles today. The wind was relentless, but at least it was in the 40s.


Jose Perez 02-07-09 02:01 PM

24+ miles and I wish I could've stayed out longer. Wind was ugly going out, but definitely helped me put it in cruise control on the way back. Can't wait to go out again this week as the weather allows.

midschool22 02-07-09 03:02 PM

2/7--8 miles. First time back riding a road bike in seven months. Temps were in the low 50's and puddles everywhere you looked. I felt like a kid again riding through some of them.

nocondorfx 02-07-09 03:52 PM

2/7- 28 miles. wanted to do more, but since im fighting this cold which i didnt want to get worse, and the next few days looking decent, I called it the day.

Keep Going 02-07-09 03:53 PM

Hi folks, brand new to the Great Lakes forums but I did just get back in from a 30 miler today, the first 15 were tough, headed south toward South Haven and took wind in the face all the way down, for the most part not too bad water on the road. North and South beach roads were a mess with sand, water and all, it was tough to stay between 12 - 15mph on the way down, very heavy headwinds, glad to be on fresh legs for that part of the ride.

But, turned around and headed home, wind to my back and what a fun ride. Running 22 up to 31mph down some hills and just felt good to be flying again. Man am I out of shape though, been fighting a cold the last week and with the weather today I had to get out. That being said that I've got my first 2009 ride in, I also got to wash the bike for the first time as well. Sand and grit everywhere, time for a dry off and some Boshield. I only saw one other biker and he was cruising the roadside looking for cans.

Cheers to a safe 2009 for everyone

momof4greatkids 02-07-09 04:20 PM

28 miles today, temps are great, wind, not so much:rolleyes:

patester242002 02-07-09 06:05 PM

2/7 - 22.1 miles
Far west side of Joliet and Shorewood area. Near record warmth w/ sunny skies whole ride. Wind was a bit brisk going west. Seemed out of shape a little but once going south and east into Shorewood was easier. Planning to get in more miles next few days though rain may temper it on Monday. Tuesday looks to be as warm as today.

aham23 02-07-09 06:47 PM

took Psimet up on the offer to ride with him and his boys from Bicycle Heaven today. left the Garmin behind by mistake, but after 3 months of inside riding and staring at my numbers i never really thought about it while rolling. it was around 55 miles at what i would consider to be a fairly aggressive pace for Feb. that wind was a toughie even with a group of 7. later.

passage4.0 02-07-09 08:03 PM

First ride on my NEW bike. Put in 21 miles which seemed like 20 of into the wind. Having never riden a road bike I am IMPRESSED at the ride, the effort and the SPEED. My trainer time IS paying off... Riding average (be nice, NEWBIE here) speed at 14.8 and a max speed of 27- way way cooler than my stupid Hybrid :-) . . . . . .

garysol1 02-07-09 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by passage4.0 (Post 8323943)
My trainer time IS paying off... Riding average (be nice, NEWBIE here) speed at 14.8 and a max speed of 27- way way cooler than my stupid Hybrid :-) . . . . . .


Keep Going 02-07-09 09:28 PM

Awesome Passage 4.0, welcome to road

downtube42 02-07-09 10:35 PM

25 or so today - first time the roads have been clear of snow/ice for a while. 50F when I left home, but out in the country the wind coming across snow-covered fields was chilly. I saw one other rider, and a boatload of cars out in the sticks where normally there are none. Must have been an auction or something.

CrimsonKarter21 02-07-09 10:51 PM

I think I did about 65 miles today on my Giant. I didn't call it the NEW GIANT because she lost her innocence yesterday.

The PowerTap stopped reading 15 miles into the ride. If I'm going to go to Belgium, I need to get a powermeter that isn't always on the fritz and that has more than a year warranty as well as a service center in the EU.

Near the point where I turned around, I saw a couple of my new Masters teammates going the other way, When the coast was clear I doubled back and chased them pretty hard, but I got caught by one of the notoriously long red lights in the park.
A few miles later, I saw a group of Sssssssssssssssssnakebite riders including our very own nocondorfx and played with them for a little bit and jollied around.
It was actually my first ride with anyone but myself since the new year and I felt my group management skills coming into play and I was able to push my shrunken winter boundaries a little bit.

Oh, and I droped everyone by motorpacing behind a car on an uphill and screaming on the shallow downhill.

garysol1 02-08-09 03:41 PM

44 miles today with Leinad and momof4greatkids plus a few others. Chilly and damp but it was nice riding with friends....

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