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cjp53 03-23-14 01:59 PM

Got out today
Had my first ride of the year today.We had snow this morning but it melted by noon.I only went 8 miles,it was 32 degrees with 13mph winds out of the NE,windchill 24 degrees.Thank goodness I had my Goretex on.Hop to get out more often this year.

JustAR1der 04-21-14 07:37 PM

It's kinda weird hearing about your rides and I'm just sitting here on my computer.

Buckeye Jim 04-28-14 03:08 AM

30 miles on a beautiful Sunday morning, no wind bunches of sunshine.

B2mac 10-12-14 04:09 PM

I rode my age for the first time since I was 18 earlier this week. When I was 18, I rode my single speed from my home to college which was 36 miles. I'm 60 now. Until Wednesday the most I had ever ridden was 45 miles. I rode the Root River Trail from Fountain to Houston MN. It was beautiful. After that I went to Winona Mn and put on 17 more miles. I hope I can continue to do this for many more years. I've been inspired by many of the people I meet on the trail and what I read on the forums. I ride a Gary Fisher, Nirvana without shocks. I am considering upgrading but not sure if it is worth it.

intransit1217 10-12-14 04:14 PM

Got my 20 minimum.

Fat Freddy 01-26-15 09:42 AM

Rode my 20 minutes this morning.

ZUP121 01-26-15 02:38 PM

hello, i'm looking to get a road bike and there is a new 2014 trek alpha 1.1 for 549.00 at a local shop by me just wondering if its a decent buy for someone looking to get started?

mgonz1 01-31-16 01:21 PM

It was 58 degrees this morning with no salt on the ground, so I made it a point to go out. My city goes straight uphill as you go east, so I rode up about 5 miles and then planned to zoom downhill on the way back. Unfortunately, I ran into church traffic full of bad Sunday drivers, so a good portion of the return trip was a harrowing ride back to my house.

FUTBOL26 03-18-16 08:45 AM

I got out for my first long ride around town! I only got around 9 miles in, but not bad for a first timer!

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