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whitesox 04-09-08 08:36 PM

wow, I have been so busy I haven't posted, shame on me...:eek:

let's see... I rode over 100 miles over the weekend... and ran 8 on Monday and 6 tonight, yikes!, I'm tired. I have a 5K on Saturday, yeah!!, and a 1/2 marathon in a few weeks:D

leinad 04-10-08 06:22 PM

25 miles, pre-bike club meeting ride. cold and windy, and we managed to miss the rain. great banana cake after the meeting, yummmyyyy.

garysol1 04-10-08 06:24 PM

32 miles this morning. Chilly and windy and not much fun.

joetotale 04-10-08 07:00 PM

Yes, I rode today, but only a pitiful length because of the god awful weather up in northern Illinois right now. And the weatherman is saying that it's going to be like this all weekend....

When the weather is nice, I usually ride anywhere from 22-35+ miles per day. I probably rode for 45 miles around Chicago last Saturday, enjoying every minute of those great 65 degrees of Fahrenheit.

tzracer 04-11-08 11:04 AM

Got in 20 miles (mostly) between rain showers. Probably only outdoor ride this weekend.

More trainer time, I can hardly wait.

CyLowe97 04-11-08 11:34 AM

Lordy lordy, it's kinda windy out there today. I rode a little bit around the neighborhood at lunchtime. Heading south was a good workout.

Psimet, I hope you commuted to work today. You can just coast home if the wind stays the same as it was at 11:30 or so.

patester242002 04-11-08 02:32 PM

Only got like 20 miles or so this week. Will likely sit out the weekend with this crap-ola weather moving in for weekend. (maybe i'll get some miles in on Sunday but likely am working.) Hopefully this is the absolute last of this crap for this year.

John Wilke 04-11-08 05:26 PM

Poked around on the MTB for a half hour trying to get lousy shifting ironed out. 45 with light rain. There actually are still small piles of snow here and there!

leinad 04-12-08 03:29 PM

4/12 early morning ride to try and miss the expected bad weather, me and the wife leave at 7:30 am with dry roads and cloudy sky, temp around 45. Radar shows no rain in immediate area (radar is always right, right?) well about 20 minutes into the ride we feel rain drops, things don't look good west, so we turn south, toward what appears to be clearer skies. rain tapers off. We decide to do a big loop around our town to stay close just in case. well at the point farthest south we turn north for home and hit a quick downpour (including ice pelts) pull into a school to cover our computers and off we go hoping for the best, rain tapers off again but is replace by a stiff wind. Last 6 miles are a race to beat the rain which we half succeed at. 25 miles comlpeted and not to wet, guess we'll call this one a draw!

garysol1 04-12-08 03:34 PM

33 miles...Half of those into the wet wind and the other half with it. Rainy and cold along Lake road but it was strangely pleasant. Rode the winter bike which I thought I had put away for the season. I spent about an hour yesterday cleaning and lubing it for next winter...Oh well.

CrimsonKarter21 04-12-08 05:23 PM

I rode 10 minutes to work and 10 minutes back. Woohoo.

Gary stopped into the bike shop, and I got lots of comments from the customers on my Erba track bike.

garysol1 04-12-08 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonKarter21 (Post 6507653)
Erba track bike.

Very sharp...VERY!

RJBTrek 04-13-08 12:10 PM

Rode 20 miles today and 30 yesterday here in Chicagoland . Yesterday, it was high 30s with continous rain mixed in with some sleet and cold wind. Today was much better, it was high 30s with clouds, cold wind mixed it with some dry crystal ice pellets every now and then. It did not rain during the ride today so it made it better than yesterday. The wind was strong today. Going with the wind I was passing cars on the residential streets. Into the wind was like climbing a hill.

CrimsonKarter21 04-13-08 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by garysol1 (Post 6507922)
Very sharp...VERY!

Thanks, apparently the customers thought so too. The only reason I don't like it is because the Nitto stem on it now looks akward with the bike, I think a Nitto Pearl or something would bring it all together.

I [finally] finished building my winter beater bike today. Yes, April 13th today.

leinad 04-13-08 12:34 PM

4/13, less than ideal weather, so me and my son did a 4 hour session at Ray's indoor MTB park in Cleveland. The park is only open in the winter Months, November to end of April, so this is probably the last time for this year. Hate to see it close, but soon the trails will dry out and it will be all outside until the weather turns cold once more. Did find out that there is a free ride park locally, can't wait to check it out this summer.

Jose Perez 04-13-08 01:36 PM

Same song and dance I've been spinning the last few weeks. 34 miles of windy nonsense except today we have the extra benefit of cooler temps. Oh well what're you gonna do? On the bright side I got to take my new bike out for its inaugural ride and damn was it sweet. I'm sure >95% of it was the excitement of a new bike, but I was flying today, despite the wind. Pretty sure reality will sink in soon enough and I will slow down to the slug-like pace that this turd of an engine is typically capable of, but until it does, I'll be out riding with a stupid grin on my head.

garysol1 04-14-08 11:14 AM

Went out this morning. About 40 degrees with a bit of a northerly wind but plenty of glorious sunshine.
2 hours 36.79 miles. I went East into the metro parks and then did a few hill intervals. Then I took the parkway up to Lorain Road and headed back home. Very nice day to be out.

leinad 04-14-08 06:42 PM

4/14 25 miles, windier that expected and cooler than I would have liked, even the sun failed to provide more than just light.

Kimbercop 04-14-08 07:19 PM

17 miles on the new ride. Time was short but I had to get out..

CrimsonKarter21 04-14-08 07:53 PM

I rode 30 or so miles yesterday on my newly rebuilt '87 Cannondale. It has some derailleur issues, so riding in the small ring, the chain popped like crazy, and I couldn't get into the two smallest cogs. Therefore I was riding on only 5 gears with my easiest combo being a 52x21.
I ran into a teammate on the final hill of his day, so we sprinted up the hill like madmen. He won, but I didn't care. He was in a easier cog than me.

Team colors Cannondale Criterium:

garysol1 04-14-08 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by CrimsonKarter21 (Post 6519225)
I rode 30 or so miles yesterday on my newly rebuilt '87 Cannondale

Pretty red tires......speaking of....where's mine? :)

Psimet2001 04-15-08 08:44 AM

I did the commute in today. More cyclocross action than anticipated. It was either that or swim. I'm not much for triathlons.

tzracer 04-15-08 11:59 AM

Rode 27 miles this morning before work.

FYI, the Fox River (in Waterford) water level does not appear to have begun dropping yet.

Scummer 04-15-08 12:26 PM

Just came back from a lunch 45 min. ride. The weather is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.
Rode around the technology campus in Mt. Prospect from tailwind to headwind back to tailwind etc etc.

People walking around, playing hoops, throwing balls.. just a great time all around.

Ah.. this feels gooooood.

Kimbercop 04-15-08 12:31 PM

25 Miles on the Fox river trail (except for the 1/4 mile walk around the flooded part).

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