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Shemp 06-02-07 05:52 PM

58 miles. The forecast was awful, but once the rain stopped here in NW IL, it was a great day for cycling!

Hope everyone has fun tomorrow at the Udder... I'll be at Wrigley as a guest in a corporate box, and I'm not a Cubs fan, so it should be a good time.:p

John Wilke 06-02-07 06:14 PM

6/2 Rode an hour at Milwaukee's Lakefront. Beautiful day, but legs shut down at the one hour mark, so I bagged it. Had this problem all week ... am motivated, anxious to ride, I feel good right up to the one hour mark, then PFFFFT! legs gone. Oh well, why fight it, they'll come around eventually.

Psimet2001 06-02-07 07:25 PM

6/2 = No. I succumbed to aham's kryptonite and had some b-day cake. You guys spin before a century...I eat cake. Sucks to be you. ;)

aham23 06-02-07 07:54 PM

i love me some cake!


wrafl 06-03-07 09:27 AM

6/2 did 33.3 miles and have to hurry home for some chores the Mrs. left for me to finish.

Psimet2001 06-03-07 02:08 PM

6/3 = Yes - Udder 100 miles at just under 19mph. Rain included. Epic.

midschool22 06-03-07 05:22 PM

6/3-Yep-Udder 50-Not as fast as some of the other guys and gals but fun nonetheless.

Flywolf 06-03-07 05:26 PM

6/2, 44 mile club ride

6/3, Miller ride for the arts, 50 miles, our club was volunteering as marshals, what a different experience, had to put bandages on a Crank Daddy's female rider, she touched the wheel of the rider ahead, pretty bad elbow cut(I can see the bones, ouch), and fixed a couple of flats, but enjoyable otherwise.

wrafl 06-08-07 10:22 AM

6/7 - 27 miles despite the wind blowing and gusting to over 40 MPH. Today, 35 miles again the wind still blowing and gusting to 30 MPH plus.

group105 06-08-07 10:27 AM

6/7 13 miles with despite the wind (30mph+). It was fun riding with the wind behind but crazy when it was hitting me in the chest.

aham23 06-09-07 02:05 PM

6/9 = YES

first ride since the udder hammer FEST. legs were tight and sore at first, but i worked that out by mid ride. it was a solid 38 miler at 17.5 mph avg. next up is some bull valley fun. later.

Kenal0 06-09-07 02:08 PM

Yes, 30 miles 16.8 average on a Sunny calm perfect day.

Psimet2001 06-09-07 05:27 PM

6/9 = Yes

Got out "early" for me. Rode out west of Randall where I used to ride all of the time last year. Well it turns out that there is so much new development that a couple of the roads I use are now closed. I pulled a couple of Paris-Roubaixs and rode over the tore out roads.

Nice 40 miles. Like aham this was my first time back out since the century last Sunday. I got in a groove early on and was really hammering out a good pace, then I ran into the road closings. Tried to find my way around before deciding to go through.

Wind was still a little stiff coming out of the South.

For those in the area Claynard road (connects Del Webb to Brier Hill Rd) is closed. They are expanding Del Webb and widening/regrading the road. Also Big Timber and Ketchum are closed near Hampshire where they are building the new school. Ketchum is totally ripped out an only construction road gravel/rock.

Slowed to just under 17mph for the ride.

group105 06-09-07 06:19 PM

6/9 - 54 miles. My first 50 mile + ride. It was also my first group ride. When I got home I did not feel sore just sleepy. According to the calorie calculator I've burned about 2800-3000 calories. I should've eaten more.

mediamst 06-09-07 06:37 PM

6-9-07 - Did 30 Miles. Started on prairie path in Warrenville, went to batavia hopped on the fox river trail for a while and back. Perfect day for riding. I am hoping to do the same route again tomorrow. The Path turns to asphalt closer to batavia instead of crushed limestone which is so nice. I am sick of the crushed stone. I am riding a Specialized Allez 24 all stock. My seat is killing me. I need to look into getting something more comfortable.

jbmadtown 06-09-07 06:58 PM

6/9- Great ride today! Finished the 100k route of the Horribly Hilly today and did pretty well on all the climbs that had been giving me trouble (meaning no putting my foot down- I'm still a noob)... and a beautiful day as well. I'm hoping for similar good fortune next week for the event!

Shemp 06-09-07 07:17 PM

106 miles from Bettendorf, Iowa to Dubuque, Iowa via the Illinois side. Doing the return trip tomorrow via the Iowa side. What awesome friggin weather!!!

wrafl 06-10-07 12:32 PM

Today I did 60.4 miles and on a Dahon D7. A lovely day for a ride.

aham23 06-10-07 02:00 PM

6-10 = Yes

41 miles up in Bull Valley. trying to get ready for the HHH. i basically did some out and back repeats. tackled several short 10% grade rollers. garmin had me down for 3300 feet of climbing. still dont think i am ready for the HHH though.

The Stats


mediamst 06-10-07 02:07 PM

only 17 today. My wife came with me and she doesnt like long rides.

midschool22 06-10-07 02:12 PM

6/10/07--Did 50 at the BCLC Ramble in Wilmot Wisconsin. Still hitting the same average speed even though my distance is growing weekly. It's a good thing.

Recycle 06-10-07 02:48 PM

6/9 Spectacular day for a ride. My wife and I did 40 miles - 30 on the Old Plank Road rail trail, 10 on suburban streets.

Kimbercop 06-10-07 03:00 PM

Got in 20 today on an out an back. The back was more uphill and I knocked a minute off my out time. I was happy. Garmin is giving me fits tho, need to get some gremlins out of it I think. Swung by another new bike store in St. Charles but they didnt open until noon. Saw a Bianchi sticker in the window and a few Merckx's hanging on racks. Nice to see something different for a change.

group105 06-10-07 03:05 PM

6/10 - 24 miles at a slower pace (15mph avg). Somehow 24 miles seems really easy after the 54 miles I did yesterday :)

Shemp 06-10-07 04:35 PM

another 100+ today(6/10)... my first back to back century rides!!! Today was hard, not only was it back to back, but since it was a return route from Dubuque back to the Quad Cities, it was mostly a straight shot south all the way. Winds were 15, gusting to 20-25mph in the mid afternoon and of course, from the south. Nothing like a 100 mile long headwind. It was a real suckfest at times.

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