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scoatw 11-19-08 05:02 PM

I went out today around noon to run some errands. The temp was 28f (according to the Weather Channel). I think I reached the threshold of the SportHill Infuzion II pants. I wasn't getting cold but I think 25f would probably be the limit on those. Which is excellent. SportHill XC 3SP are the King of winter cycling pants, and the Infuzions' are just a half step behind those. Once again the Infuzions are on sale at Amazon for $45, depending on the size. They retail for $85.
... Back to my commute. I rode to Riverside Hospital via the OBP to check out Milton Av and the bike boxes. Which are still in the early phase of construction. The intersection pretty much looks the same as it did before. Rode up EN Broadway to the Hospital and everything was fine. Lots of room and I didn't feel threatned by the traffic. Came home in 50 min from Riverside, had the wind at my back. I think thats pretty good. The temps warmed up to about 37f on my thermometer. I switched from the mittens to the cotton work gloves. Felt comfortable.

The pants have a zipper at the ankle. Once you try SportHill you will be hooked. SportHill makes the best winter clothing.

scoatw 11-21-08 03:52 PM

I left this morning expecting to see all kinds of snow on the ground with 21degree temps like the weather guys said. It wasn't nothing. The temp was at 26f with a hefty 12mph NW wind. Not bad. The aftn temp was at 31f or so with that NW wind pushing me home. Sweet. Rode a bit on the OBP so folks on 315 could see me out there. Finally had some flurries on the way home. I like ridin' when its snowing.

spry 11-22-08 10:35 AM

This has to be the most dangerous day to cycle in Columbus.

Jawn P 11-22-08 11:07 AM

Anyone going to the cross race in Upper Arlington tomorrow? If so, say hi to me. Red helmet, Redline Conquest Pro, racing B's.

TechKnowGN 11-24-08 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by Jawn P (Post 7899052)
Anyone going to the cross race in Upper Arlington tomorrow? If so, say hi to me. Red helmet, Redline Conquest Pro, racing B's.

Wait, What? There are Cross races in UA? Does this happen regularly? Where, and can I watch?

scoatw 12-06-08 07:53 PM

I left this morning it was 20f. I wore my regular Winter outfit and I didn't overheat. Felt comfortable. After watching last nights weather news. They were talking 1" with slick roads starting around noon. So I decided to switch to the Snow studs just to be on the safe side. Good thing. The snow started falling about 10:30am and progressively got worse. It didn't take long for the roads to get slick and icy. When I got off of work at 2pm traffic was backed up on 161. So I rode alongside of it on the berm. The Nokian 294's gripped the road real good. While on some side streets I was doing some zig-zagging, trying to get the tires to slip out from under me. They just kept maintaining their grip. Outstanding. Last year I put a Mount&Ground 160 on the front and I thought that they did well. The 294's have still yet to be tested on ice. We have plenty of time for that. So I rode down the path from Antrim to Bethel Rd and turned around and rode across the Broadmeadows bridge and made my way up to High St. I saw another set of bike tracks on the path. By now the snow was coming down pretty good. It felt good riding in the snowfall. A few people were amazed to see me riding a bike in it. After getting used to riding on the 294's, I didn't even worry about slowing down to corner or anything like that. As far as rolling resistance. They were about what I expected coming from a snow stud. They only add about an extra 5 min to my normal commute

enine 12-08-08 01:01 PM

I'm in Lewis Center. Bought a Specialized Rockhopper on Craigslist and the next day we had our first snow. Bought a bike for my wife and trailer for the kids so were getting ready for spring. I'm looking for places to ride that a Burley trailer will fit, so far it looks like just the trails in Westerville and Orange Township.

TechKnowGN 12-09-08 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by enine (Post 7985864)
I'm in Lewis Center. Bought a Specialized Rockhopper on Craigslist and the next day we had our first snow. Bought a bike for my wife and trailer for the kids so were getting ready for spring. I'm looking for places to ride that a Burley trailer will fit, so far it looks like just the trails in Westerville and Orange Township.

You could always head down to the olentangy trail and bike through the park with it.

enine 12-10-08 11:49 AM

Ohh yea, I forgot to list that one. I see there are some in Dublin and Powell also.
I think i have my wife talked into going up to cuyahoga this summer, 19 miles there and can ride a train back too.

scoatw 12-12-08 04:10 PM

My commute today was pretty easy. 31f in the morning. A little bit of a 15mph headwind. But I managed OK. 30f this aftn with a few snow squalls thrown in. Had a nice westerly wind pushing me home. I like sitting at a light with the snow falling, and the cagers looking at me like I'm nuts. That is Winter Commuting

MissKristen 12-26-08 03:14 PM

Hola. I'm The New Girl and I'm in Grandview. I don't have a road bike yet, but I just bought one for my manfriend and hope to get one in return for my birthday in March.

Are there any riding groups around here that would welcome an absolute beginner on the road? I still have to learn all of the jargon and rules and standards and what not and would love a nice group of people to help me out. If not, I'll just head out and pray I don't get hit by a car. :)

Go Bucks!

RConlon85 12-29-08 02:56 AM

i went riding today in the short north and campus area on my all black leader fixie. felt great to ride today, ill be down there again tomorrow. excited about this nice weather we're having

haningp 12-29-08 07:11 PM

If you're not locked into finding a riding group or club in the Grandview area, I'd recommend the Westerville bicycle club as a great group for you to look into. Riders of all skill levels, beginners to advanced are always welcome to join. There are many experienced riders who can help you learn all about road cycling and safety. The url to the club page is: You can find more information at that site.

MissKristen 01-02-09 01:12 PM

^ Thanks! I checked it out and it definitely looks like a great option.

In an effort to initiate myself into the whole road biking thing, I'm forming a team for the Tour de Cure in Westerville on June 6th. It'd be sweet to have some BF members on the team, so if you're interested, please PM me! We'd love to have you!

thunderphill 01-02-09 05:47 PM

The Westerville/Alum Creek Trail is great for rides. If you get a chance try the Backside (Eastside) of Hoover Dam. Traffic is low and there are a couple hills that will get you ready for Cuyahoga's trails. I did the Tour de Cure up there last year and I don't think there is a flat spot in the entire area. If you are looking for a challange up there look up Boston Mills Rd or Millers Rd those are some great climbs.

scoatw 01-03-09 09:30 PM
Headin' up the Westerville Bikepath toward Plumb Rd......... "On your Left"

scoatw 01-03-09 09:35 PM
NEW YEARS DAY ride 9:20am 21f

scoatw 01-08-09 03:29 PM

Woke up this morning to 26f temps and a brutal 15mph NW wind topping out with 25-30 mph gusts. And it seemed like I got buffeted by every one of them. The main roads were OK, the side streets had large sections of glare ice. No problem with the studs on. But like I said, the wind was a killer. I left about 5 mins earlier anticipating fighting the wind. Got to work at my usual time. The ride home was good. I hit the OBP at Antrim and rode that all the way north to Wilson Bridge Rd. Made my way to Worthington-Galena over to Westerville. I took the long way home. The temps were at 21f, altho it didn't feel like it. I got hotter than H climbing the wimpy incline on Wilson Bridge up to High St. I'll keep the studs on because I'm too lazy to switch wheels. Tom'rw should be good, but they're calling for a Winter mix on Sat. and I've learned not to take chances now that we're in the middle of winter. But we'll see. That could always change.

scoatw 01-09-09 04:36 PM

Today...I am glad I kept the studs on... I sorta thought the roads would be OK this morning, but after listening to lasts' nights Weather Forecast I decided to keep them on. Good thing. I think I'm starting to develop a Winter intuition. If they say "maybe" then I'm going on the side of being safe. Riding in this morning wasn't bad, alot better then yesterday having to fight the wind. The side streets still had a few slick spots but the main roads were good. This afternoon was different. As I rode home I gradually saw the weather get worse as I rode. I stopped at a friends house and while there I saw the snow start to really come down. We probably only got about 3/4" or so. But it was enought to make the side streets challenging if you had road tires on. The studs seem to drag on the dry stuff, but on the snowy stuff they roll real nice. And cornering was outstanding. Riding the studs on pavement for the short period of time that we have, I figure they should last at least 3 or 4 seasons. This is from folks on BikeForums who've had them a lot longer than I have. Tom'rw may be alot worse than today. They're calling for freezing rain in the morn, and depending on what side of the front we're on, we may get a considerable amount....Be Forewarned.

scoatw 01-12-09 05:25 PM


scoatw 01-14-09 01:03 PM

Riding thru Otterbein

travv 01-16-09 03:48 PM

great day to bike in columbus, says its 2 degrees @ 43210 but it feels like -12 ... felt pretty good biking to campus today for classes :twitchy:

scoatw 01-18-09 06:44 PM

Saturday, 1/17; I rode in this morning in -7f. The winds were calm so it made for a lot better ride than yesterday. My feet were alot better with the chemical hand warmers in my boots. I let them warm up for about a 1/2 hour before I inserted them. But I noticed during the ride that with them all tucked up inside my boots they don't get much air to them and by the time I pulled them out at work they were'nt very warm. 10 mins into the commute I hit a bump as I'm riding up a driveway apron and SNAP!, my seat bolt breaks. I had problems with that last year. For some reason in cold weather my seatbolt has a habit of snapping in two. No problem. I carry an extra. I take 5mins to fix it and away I go.
The ride home this aftn was a relief even tho it was 19f. Had a fierce southerly wind trying to knock me sideways. But hey, I'll take that over -12f anyday. I got home and dumped a couple of buckets of hot water on the bike to clean all the crap off of it. Today I put it up on the workstand and cleaned it off with some Pledge. Looks nice.

scoatw 01-26-09 03:48 PM

This was from the paper on Saturday.

Frosty cyclists conquer cold
A few strong-willed bicycle commuters brave the icy blasts of winter
Saturday, January 24, 2009 3:07 AM
By Kathy Lynn Gray

Heavily insulated Steve Shaffer takes the cold trek home on his bicycle after curling-club practice. He is not alone in his determination to commute by bike even on the coldest days. (But there aren't many like him.)
Steve Shaffer knows most people peg him as a wacko when he rides his bike to work in below-zero weather.

But the Battelle senior research scientist is far from alone in his choice to commute by bike year-round, no matter the weather or temperature.

Take Jan. 16, the day the mercury sank to 10 below in central Ohio. Some folks wouldn't even crack their front door to grab the newspaper.

Shaffer just added a few more layers of clothing to his 51-year-old body, pulled on his face mask and goggles, and dropped chemical hand warmers into his mittens before heading the 4 miles from his Upper Arlington home to Battelle.

The same day, Scott Atwood, 52, of the North Side, rode 9 miles to his job after scanning blogs from Alaskan bicyclists about how to stay warm. His goggles fogged and his feet got cold, but he rode home and then repeated the ride -- with chemical hand warmers in his boots -- the next day, when it was minus 11 degrees.

"I like to say I can't believe people are crazy enough to drive a car in this weather," said Stephen Hardwick, who bikes weekdays between his Clintonville home and his job in the Office of the Ohio Public Defender Downtown.

Hardwick, 41, rides 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 miles each way, depending on the route he chooses. He bikes so he doesn't have to exercise at a gym and because rush-hour traffic raises his blood pressure.

"I don't want to die of a heart attack at age 50," he said. "Last year, we had a little girl, and I'd like to be around when she graduates from college."

Shaffer bikes for the health benefits and to reduce gasoline consumption, save money and clear his head. He bikes even when he has community activities after work; he just rides his bike home afterward.

Lisa Houser, 24, bicycles all around Columbus to substitute teaching jobs.

"It's a good way to start the day in general and it keeps my blood flowing," said Houser, who sold her car before winter began and has taken the bus only once since then. She started riding five years ago while living in Florida; this is her second winter in Ohio.

"I just kind of threw myself into it," said Houser, who lives in the south end of Clintonville. "It saves my conscience from worrying about environmental destruction."

As of yesterday, Houser and other die-hard bicyclists had peddled through 13 days of below-average January temperatures, including four when the mercury plunged to zero or lower.

Like all winter cyclists, Hardwick has slid on ice or snow more than once, but he's never suffered serious consequences. He sometimes uses studded tires to give them more bite and prefers city streets to the bike path along the Olentangy River because streets are usually cleaner.

He hasn't had frostbite. He wears lots of layers on his legs, chest, hands and feet. They include pants and a jacket that are wind-resistant, topped with a lime-green vest so he's highly visible in traffic.

"I'm much better protected than people standing outside smoking cigarettes," Hardwick said.

Sub-zero temperatures aren't expected back in central Ohio anytime soon, but highs will be stuck in the mid-20s and lows in the teens until next Wednesday, said meteorologist Mike Pigott with AccuWeather in State College, Pa.

January will end up about 4 degrees below the month's 28-degree average, Pigott said. He predicts February temperatures will hit the average of 32 degrees and March could be slightly above its 42-degree average.

rae 01-27-09 02:26 PM

I saw that story, wondered if it was you. Maybe I'll see you -- when it warms up!!

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