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Cully_J 10-06-08 06:36 AM


I wonder if any of you folks ever took a loved one out on a date using a bicycle?

If so, where'd you go?

I think it'd be really cool to go to a drive-in movie theather. It'd be my way of capturing a dying culture...


Hobartlemagne 10-06-08 07:20 AM

Would you make out in the panniers?

black_box 10-06-08 09:35 AM

drive-in theater? i hope you're bringing some comfy foldable chairs. riding somewhere for a picnic would be cool though.

iab 10-06-08 04:53 PM

Just ride around the farm. ;)

Recycle 10-08-08 09:09 AM

Try a progressive Bike & Dine ... Pick 3 or 4 cool eating places and bike to each one for a different course. Bike & Dines are usually put on by bike clubs, but you can easily design your own . Here is a description of one that was organized by Chicagoland Bicycle Federation this summer

Try a credit card tour over a long weekend. Leave from your driveway or transport your bikes to a convenient starting location. Ride a comfortable distance to an interesting place on the first day. Stay in a good motel (a place with a jacuzzi is nice) and eat at a good restaurant. Spend the next day seeing the local sights via bike. Ride back on the third day.

[edited to add this:]
E.g. recent trips my wife and I made were Freeport, IL to New Glarus WI, and home to Chesterton and Michigan City, IN.

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