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Profgumby 03-22-11 06:03 PM

2011 Ride of Silence
I guess the title pretty much lets you know what this is about. But I was wondering who here is riding in their local ROS on May 18th? is their web site and you can find a local ride there if you do not know where your closest ride is.

I also was thinking of, sort of, issuing a challenge for all that read this to do their local ride. Our ride is the only one in the country that goes through 2 states. No, it is not that long, but we start in Menominee MI, dip down into Wisconsin in Marinette and back into Michigan again. The two towns border the Menominee River and doing this makes the ride each cities own.

We also have police escort front and back and we visit a local pub/restaurant after the ride. Makes this especially family friendly and is about the only time the entire year my sons are quiet!

Anyone from the area on this board?

And anyone going to ride the ROS in their area?

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