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TopShelf 06-07-11 11:12 AM

Camp Chase Rail Trail
Does anyone know if the gap in the Camp Chase Trail just east of Wilson Road has been completed? Also - What is the status of the trail from Lilly Chapel to Columbus? Any information would be appreciated.

robert schlatte 06-27-11 12:41 PM

From your question, you may already know this but the trail is paved from Lilly Chapel to Georgesville. I was out there in mid April and it looks great. I think I read somewhere that Metroparks had resolved the land issue in the little section east of Wilson Road to Lilly Chapel. When I was out there I did not ride all the way to Lilly Chapel so I don't know if that section is complete or if the work has started. I am excited for the day when the whole Camp Chase project is complete so I can ride out of Columbus all the way to Cincinnati on dedicated bike trail.

robert schlatte 11-20-13 03:17 PM

I cannot believe no one in the Columbus area has chimed in on this thread in over two years. The last time I was out to check the trail's progress it was paved to Alton Darby road east of the Big Darby metro park. That was probably two weeks ago. By now it may be paved all the way to Galloway. The next phase will be to Sullivant Avenue in west Columbus. I think I read where Columbus will pick up the project from Sullivant and paved the Camp Chase trail all the way to the Hilltop connector bridge over the Scioto River.

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