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hilltowner 05-11-12 07:57 PM

Cinci bike share?
I am going to be in Cinci from June 2 to 9 as a reader for the College Board's AP environmental science exam. This is my third year doing it. I like doing it a great deal but miss my bike (the stationary trainer in the hotel just doesn't do it for me). I only get a couple of hours in the afternoon to do anything so renting a bike just doesn't seem worth it.

Does any kind of rudimentary, ad hoc, bootleg, bike share exist in the Cinci area? Anyone care to let me borrow a bike (I can bring my own shoes and pedals) for a couple of afternoons during that week? I'm 5'10" and not at all particular about the type -- department store is fine -- as long as the pedals turn and there is rubber on the rims.

Phil L.
Ashfield, MA

P.S. Any sense in cross-posting this to the Southeast discussion forum?

benda18 05-22-12 08:55 AM

you are in luck son. The City just opened the Cincinnati Bike Center at Smale Riverfront Park (120 E. Mehring Way). It opened a week or 2 ago and I haven't been yet to confirm, but everything I've seen so far says you can at least rent bikes if not have access to some kind of "bike share."

hilltowner 05-22-12 05:59 PM

Yahoo! Thanks for the news.

benda18 05-23-12 06:14 AM

confirmed. i stopped by yesterday and they have a decent amount of new trek hybrids to rent. did not check prices. facility was smaller than expected, and more difficult to find than i had predicted, although it looked well-kept and staffed by competent people. for reference it's on the north side of mehring way one block west of great american ballpark. it's a small office on the ground floor of the parking garage - the bikes are stored just inside the parking garage entrance.

good luck.

hilltowner 06-12-12 09:13 PM

I purchased their bike share (good for one year) for $45 and used it every afternoon of the six days I was in the city. Most times it was for an hour and a half or less. It was enough time though to see many of the sights. They are very friendly and helpful. It's a great addition to the city. I recommend checking them out if you are in the area.

hilltowner 06-08-13 09:04 PM

O.K. I was back for a second year. The bike share wasn't going to work. They lengthened our work day by a half hour and that, together with the fact that I'd gone in every direction of the compass for a longer time last year, didn't add up to a real good deal. I tried to work out an arrangement for bringing the bike back after hours and I'm hopeful something can be arranged for next year, if I return, but the upshot was that for the last three days of the reading I was able to rent a bike for 72 hours straight for the same amount of money. It worked out just fine. I did some quality rides in that time period. Saw new territory and didn't have to worry about my carriage turning into a pumpkin at any particular time. The weather cooperated too.

If you are in Cincy check out the Bike Center.

jjames1452 06-19-13 03:44 AM

Sorry - I saw this thread too late. I work in Cincinnati (Milford). I have 10 bikes you could borrow for a week. Ok - maybe 15.
I usually keep a bike at my work to ride on the trails after work.
I am 5 11 - so my bikes should fit. They do have all clip on pedals. All the bikes are vintage steel road bikes - higher end for the time - the current bike at work is a Schwinn Premis with very sweet supurbe pro hubs laced to open pro wheels.
LMK when you are in Cincinnati again.
Heck, my wife would think I got rid of a bike - which will put me in good standing that week!

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