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Ltactics 02-23-13 11:57 AM

Cincinnati cylists?
Anyone here from Cincinnati? I live in the Silverton area.

JerrySTL 02-28-13 01:59 PM

I was born over in Covington and then moved to Erlanger when I was 11. However I moved away from there 40 years ago!

I still try to make at least one of the Cincinnati Cycle Clubs rides each year. I have in-laws who live over in Harrison and have had the pleasure of doing a ride there on Saturdays. They have the Chili Ride over in Goshen in May. I've done the century route 3 times and a very short route one time when it was cold and raining.

I've also ridden on the Little Miami Scenic Trail a few times.

Orangejuice 03-01-13 03:39 PM

Yeah. I live in Wyoming (15 mins north of UC), only about 6 maybe 7 miles from Silverton.

We should ride!

rm -rf 03-01-13 04:42 PM

The Cincinnati Ride Line google group has a lot of weekly rides. You can subscribe and get the emailed announcements by sending an email to [email protected]


You are near the good routes in Indian Hill. Here's the Garmin tracks of two years of my riding. The red sections are the fast downhills, and blue are slow climbs.

There's great riding in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky:

Ltactics 03-03-13 07:06 AM

THanks! Any steady long climbs you know of? Its a little hard to read where they are on this map. Thanks

kaydub 03-03-13 01:19 PM

Yep, although I'm all the way out in Batavia. Maybe I'll see you around!

rm -rf 03-04-13 07:10 AM


Originally Posted by Ltactics (Post 15338014)
THanks! Any steady long climbs you know of? Its a little hard to read where they are on this map. Thanks

The biggest elevation gain on any road in the area is about 400 feet. Most climbs are 300 feet or less. So the shallow grades are the longest. Many typical decent climbs are about 300 feet and a mile long, or about a 6% grade.

Some downhill Indian Hill roads are steep at the bottom, so you have to hit the brakes hard before the stop sign. Instead, I like the ones where I have to pedal a little to reach top speed on the way down, and where there's a rollout at the bottom.

For example: this ridewithgps route. Click the Terrain check box on the Map pulldown, then zoom in.

Camargo Rd is 2 miles long, but mostly an easy 2% grade, with maybe close to 4% near the top.
Indian Hill Road or Kugler Mill Road are both great for descending or climbing, each is a steady grade, 3-6%
Given Road is basically flat with short roller hills.

Cunningham Road is noted for it's steep 120 foot tall, 15% climb. Going downhill, if I come around the last bend before the dropoff at 15 mph, I easily hit 40 mph at the bottom, 1/10 mile later.

To the north, Loveland-Madeira road is a steady 1% grade heading south, but it's kind of boring. An alternate with challenging hills is Spooky Hollow Road to Blome Road.

It's hard to find a bad road in the Indian Hill area. It's worth it to get familiar with the area, and try different roads.

Ltactics 03-09-13 02:40 PM

I hate you man lol. I tried hitting indian hill from the bottom, halfway up i decided to turn my black ass right back the way i came lol. kinda steep at the bottom. Im kinda outta shape though. In my prime i would do hill repeats at the end of Kenwood road. Are you familiar with this hill? What gradient would you say it is?

plumberroy 03-15-13 06:10 PM

Dent/westside here. Anyone know about great miami trail leaving from water works park off river road? How many miles of trail up tp hamilton? Any milage markers?

Orangejuice 03-18-13 04:22 PM

You can see for yourself by clicking the interactive map tab.

It seems that the portion of the trail you are talking about breaks off a few times before a larger section heads towards dayton.

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