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jkuper 07-05-13 09:09 AM

Route in Columbus
I'll be in Columbus in a few weeks visting family and was hoping someone could suggest running route. I'll be staying in Sunbury but am ok with driving towards the city. I need to do a 17 mile run and would prefer something of a two-loop type or something where I can refill water midway. Is Olentangy Trail a good place for this or no?


Sherpa 07-26-13 09:22 PM


Westerville, which is a little south of Sunbury on Rte 3, has a well developed trail system. I rode my bike on them all the time when I lived down there. I think the Genoa trail is finished and goes all the way to Galena. You can pick up the trail system there although it in not technically part of Westerville's system. McNamara Park has bathrooms and water. The fire station at Rte. 3 and Big Walnut Road will also refill your water bottles for you.

Check out the link:

jkuper 08-01-13 11:38 AM

Thanks Sherpa.

I ended up running with the MIT/Fleet Feet group on Sat out of Thomas Worthington HS and went down the Olentangy trail for 6 miles, for a total of 12 and than I did another 5 on my own down the same route.

I did another run which started in McNamara Park and did 2 miles north, 2 miles back, 2 miles south and 2 miles back up North so I got 8 miles.

Looks like I lucked out with the weather as well!! Sat was raining the entire run but I don't mind the rain while running.

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