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bikenh 07-06-13 08:32 AM

US20/US6 Cleveland area
How is it? I know from last year when I rode from NH-NW Ohio I took US20 from west of Albany all the way to 534 to 303. What a mistake! I was not expecting that kind of vertical anywhere around NE Ohio...SE Ohio sure but not NE Ohio. I was born and raised in the NW part of the state. I was initially going to take US20 all the way through to the west side of Cleveland until I went past the Buffalo Bills stadium and then I remembered their is the Cleveland Indians and I didn't know if they were playing at home or away on Saturday and if it was day or evening game. I now know, unlike then, the stadium is a few blocks south of US20 but I knew I still didn't know what to expect traffic wise and worse yet I was going to be going through the heart of Cleveland around 7PM and then trying to find a place to stealth camp for the night. This year as I make the same start/finish trip but using a slightly different route I feel much better about taking on Cleveland and have my overnights fairly well planned already, at least as long as Google Earth and reality end up being one and the same. I'm just wandering how US20 is going through eastern suburbs and onto US6/back onto US20 west of town to 113 on down to Bellvue. I don't mind traffic, just looking for a quick route without many stoplights...LOL:) Wish I could ride those darn interstates that would be the quickest route. Not planning on making any stops as I'm also going to be trying to ride 800 miles in 6 days so other than for sleeping, filling up water bottles and emptying the bladder I don't plan to be getting off the bike for anything else.

Rob_E 07-08-13 10:13 PM

I don't think I've done it that direction on a bike, but I think if you don't mind traffic, 20 will do the job. As you get close to downtown, I think there's even a bike lane. I don't know about west of downtown.

when I went into Cleveland as the final leg of a short trip last year, I hugged the coast, 283 and related roads. There's a dedicated route that's part MUP and part road. Some of it is dedicated as a scenic drive and some as a bike route, but it's all passable and, to my mind, fairly pleasant. But it is probably not the most direct or fastest route. And all that depends on the weather. Being along the coast in bad weather can leave you more exposed to the wind and rain.

bikenh 07-09-13 06:17 AM

I did see a previous post from last week about Cleveland and when I actually looked at road names being mentioned versus just looking at highway numbers I saw the person that responded was suggesting riding US20/6 right through Cleveland. It should be interesting coming up hopefully on Thursday. I think, if everything goes smooth between now and then that I should be going through the metro around noontime. Granted I first have to get through all the stoplight to get into town, boy does that kill time fast.

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