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TooTall4Bikes 07-09-13 01:02 PM

6'7" and trying to find the right bike
Hey everyone -

I have heard such good things about this website and my friends recommended I come here to get information they couldn't offer. My only biking experience is mountain biking when I lived in Colorado. But now I have moved back to Minnesota and am looking to get a road bike for the 8 mile bike to work. My problem is I am 6'7" with a 37" inseam, so bikes are very hard to come by. I am thinking the closest I can get is a 64cm frame to my height, but even those are tough to find, unless a bike orders me all new parts. I found this frame on craigslist, but am curious how much you think the bike is worth?

Just looking to cruise around uptown/downtown Minneapolis, and bike to Roseville to work some days (8 miles each way)

Also - do you recommend a single speed or fixed gear bike for a pretty flat 8 mile ride? I would be buying used, so I assume the maintenance costs would factor in too.

Thanks everyone!

kuan 07-10-13 03:50 AM

If you are of FB there is a twincities bike buy/sell group:

bengreen79 07-10-13 04:10 AM

You might want to post in the Clydesdale or the Road forum. There's more traffic there and this comes up from time to time. Waterford and Gunnar both make large frames though they're not really "budget" frames...

For gears vs. fixed (or single speed), I wouldn't factor in maintenance. Once your multi-geared bike is setup and working, the ongoing maintenance is pretty light.

dynodan22 07-18-13 09:11 AM

You might want to try some Milwaukee Craigslist under bicycles . I have seen some seriously tall frames and complete bicycles on there running around 150 or less , that price alone will more than make up the gas . I attached some links. little high price not a bad deal


canam73 07-18-13 11:54 AM

Just go to Minneapolis CL and in the bike search type "tall".

This guy seems to have what you need:


kingsqueak 07-20-13 06:37 AM

I'm 6'5" with a 37" bike inseam..measured bare foot to pubic bone at crotch. I gave up on standard shop bikes for fit, they will have enough seat tube (seat to pedal length adjustment) but wind up too short front to back (effective top tube) and I feel cramped...this makes for shoulder and neck pain on longer rides.

Older bikes came in sizes like 64cm or 25" frames, seems most have stopped making them that large.

You can go a custom frame route, but that starts to knock on $3k really fast.

I took a shortcut around that a bit by going semi-custom with a XXL Surly Ogre, a sort of monster-cross bike. Basically a rigid frame mountain bike that you can put almost any wheels on, flat bars or drop bars etc. Very versatile.

That build depending on components can be kept under $2k, somewhere around $1500-$2000. The frame is about $800 less than most middle of the road customs.

I'm hoping the fit works out, I pick it up today. It's my last shot at trimming some money before having to go full custom.

Surly Ogre
Surly Long Haul Trucker - a touring frame, very rugged and can handle fat tire sizes relatively too.

Both of those frames can be found in a "complete" bike too, but you will likely not find anything near your size built in a shop to test ride. You will very likely need to do an order of some level.

Look for a posting over in Clydesdales when I have the bike for a bit. I'll post up pics and comments once I've had it a bit.

This is a different forum but it has an entire thread around what people do with the Ogre, it's long with lots of pictures. You'll see people do a bit of anything with them.

kingsqueak 07-20-13 06:41 AM

Oh there's this one too, but it's a pretty pure "road" bike

oddjob2 07-28-13 04:57 AM

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