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dannwilliams 07-22-13 09:26 PM

Dairyland Dare, Are you going?
I'll be there riding the 100k and I'll be sporting my Cactus Cycling Club jersey.

canam73 07-23-13 01:06 PM

My brother and I are both riding. He'll do the 100k, I may push out to 150-200.

I originally signed up for the Triple crown as I did last year but had to push it to next year as the first 2 dates I was already racing crits. But as much as like racing I think I like these hill rides more so I'm really looking forward to this.

skijor 07-24-13 07:14 AM

Not this year. I did the first DD because the HHH had already filled up. I'll revisit someday. It's a beautiful and challenging part of WI.

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