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davehbuffalo 08-27-13 12:06 PM

Cleveland and Erie-Ohio Canal (Cuyahoga National Park) - Labor Day

Last time I went to Cleveland I went for one night, and ended up staying for three because I had so much fun. I did some pretty mellow riding around the city, but I'm looking to expand my horizons a bit. What I have in mind right now is to stay downtown all 3 nights and ride around town and some daytrips in the 40 or less mile range. Emphasis should be on fun, scenery, and relaxation as opposed to physically challenge.

For a daytrip I'm thinking of an early start Saturday or Sunday from downtown, riding to Rockside station in Cuyahoga National Park, taking the train all the way to the end of the park (Botzum station) and riding the length of the park back to Cleveland.

A few questions for anyone in the know....

- Is the trail itself too crowded on the weekend (especially long weekends) to really have a relaxing, enjoyable time? I know it's subjective, but I think we all have some idea how busy is "too" busy.
- Is the train likely to be so crowded that I shouldn't count on being able to get on? Are some stops better than others in this regard?
- Another possibility would be an overnight out and back. Any suggestions on where to stay (either camp or hotel)?
- Any other suggestions for good rides?

thestoutdog 08-28-13 09:22 AM

The trail is rather busy on nice weekends, and even busier on weekends like the one coming up. Having said this, you are only looking at it being busy only a few miles in either direction from Peninsula, otherwise, it is not too bad. As far as the train goes, check the schedule closely, as they are always moving times around (it seems to me) and I have never actually actually ridden with my bike. As far as riding out and back, I prefer to start in Cleveland and head south, then come back, but that's mostly because the river (and trail) runs downhill, until you reach Akron, then things seem to go the other way. I've never camped along the trail, but I'm sure there are some places to do so.

davehbuffalo 08-28-13 07:10 PM

That's good news about the crowds only being really bad around Peninsula, and a good tip about checking the train schedule.... that could make a big difference. I'm sure it will work out fine. I'll probably bag the overnight and just do the day trip. Thanks for the input.

sonatageek 08-31-13 06:56 AM

Any interest in some company? Send me a PM if you are.

IGotABike 09-01-13 06:05 AM

I live in Cleveland. Ride that trail a lot.
-The trail will be busy, yes, but mostly near places like Peninsula, like Stoutdog said.
-The train actually runs to Northside in Akron. $3 with a bike. The train has BEER and sandwiches.
-There are a few primative places to camp along the trail.
-One of our fave overnights is to head south out of Cleveland on the Bike and Hike Trail, stay overnight in a hotel in Stow, then ride back obn the Towpath the next day- about a 75 mile round trip

davehbuffalo 09-02-13 08:55 AM

Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the delayed response... I've been super busy since I've been here in CLE. I did the towpath yesterday, and really enjoyed it. We rode from downtown Cleveland to the Brecksville train station and took the train to Akron. Had some snacks and beers on the ride, which was a nice touch. Stopped at the Winking Lizard for some drinks. Nice. Trail was crowded but not too bad. What a great place to have in your backyard.

Overall, really great was to spend the day. I would do it again. Maybe I'll post a couple of pics when I have a few more minutes.

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