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ldarlee 09-09-13 09:10 AM

Humbled by the Harmon
Rode the Harmon 100 yesterday and came off the bike feeling pretty beat up, so I'm trying to analyze what the heck happened. I'm not a newbie. Rode it and four other centuries last summer, and it was my fourth this year, including a double metric. I ride with the McHenry Co. Bike Club, so the entire route area comprises our stomping ground.

I can see nothing different in how I prepared for and rode the Harmon compared to other centuries. Pace was about the same as last year, although it seems like the wind a tad more challenging.

So in trying to figure out aftereffects, I'm curious how anybody else came out of it.

thinktubes 09-13-13 03:33 PM

Rode it, did OK. East wind was a little strong, but not horrible. Rolling time was 5:36 for the century. This was the only century for me this year, and I had just over 1000 miles in the bank before starting.

Fueling and hydration are probably to blame.

Alloyrider 09-13-13 05:00 PM

dehydration and Glycogen levels are my first thoughts.

ldarlee 09-15-13 05:37 PM

I think that I figured it out: Accelerade. Had tested it a few times before the Harmon with no ill effects, but then tried it again during a moderate club ride yesterday. Same thing happened as the Harmon; started to feel tired overall and couldn't wait to get home and fall into bed. Yet, a fairly hilly ride earlier in the week without the Accelerade went great. Both rides were 45-50 miles. I'm guessing that under some circumstances my system rebels against the protein in the mix. I'm sticking with what has always worked best for me: plain water and old-fashioned Gatorade.

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