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deancostopoulos 09-11-13 03:22 PM

TT Helmet test fit?
Just thought I would throw question/request this out there. I will be taking up time trials in 2014. Over the past few weeks, I have been looking for equipment. My most recent purchase was a M/L Limar Speed Demon tri helmet. I bought the correct size for my head (58). But when I put it on the flaps fall right where the opening to the ear is above the lobe. I understand these helmets have to fit snug but I feel that over the course of a ride, this may turn more uncomfortable than useful. Here is my question;

Does anyone in the Chicagoland area - preferably western suburbs about the Naperville region, have a tt helmet sized larger than this that I can try on to see if I need a larger size? From my research, on most helmets the cut off for medium or medium/large to large and over is 59 and I understand that different helmets offer different design features as well. I know... I can just go to a tri store and try one on. I just do not like going to stores to try something on and then leave. There is an abundance of very nice used equipment out there and I would rather put my cash into someone's pocket than a retailer's register.

If you can help me out, I would appreciate it. I am in no rush. Thanks in advance :thumb:

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