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gioscinelli 10-25-13 05:14 PM

Chicago looking for creative revenue-bike fee's
I don't object to some kind of license to maintain safety on the streets. But the recommended fee is for all the bikes own that you will ride on the streets of Chicago. Multiply that by 2 or more and that's lot of revenue will be coming in for Mayor Emannual coffers. License the riders so as to regulate bad riding habits, with school and fines, will curtail most of the violations and prevent accidents. Do other BF members have some sort of license in their community?

Do you support such a proposition and agree it's good for everybody?

seedsbelize 10-25-13 05:53 PM


Gravity Aided 10-25-13 06:32 PM

No, I think it should stop at 2, that would be transferrable from bike to bike, like a bicycle clip for St Christopher or Santa Maria De Ghisallo. Maybe put the water tower on it instead. But lets not penalize the many of us who have many bikes. And I don't want to have to pay if I visit. That would hurt tourism, too. Maybe Mayor Emmanuel could tax big gas guzzling autos instead.

BentLink 10-25-13 06:54 PM


crank_addict 10-25-13 06:55 PM

Absolutely do not support it. In a meeting, some were pissed at bicyclist poor riding habits on the road and said its time to ticket them for needed revenue and tax on top. Price of gas goes soaring, downtown parking fee extortion designed by 'Oh most bike loving' former mayor Richie Daley which then created a once again boon on biking. Good but now they find $$$ in the numbers of cyclist and design a BS proposal to steal from.

They city can't get one department to run on budget and its so full of patronage lazy arsed workers, so this is the best that they can come up with. They want $25 per bike and a mandatory safety course. Virtually every vehicle licensed driver knows the rules but unfortunately don't follow them. Do you think a mandatory safety class is the answer? No sir (ladies) but you'll pay another $20 for your time, a piece of paper and #2 lead pencil to take notes.

The police don't give a damn. Seriously. That said, the cops can't keep the streets safe, they don't waste time on lowly cyclist and no matter what they get paid, do you really think they're going to any better or chase cyclist? As of right now the PD are due overtime pay and the unions say gimme gimme gimme.

BTW: This proposal is also due to the lack of revenue the huge cigarette tax was designed for. Cig's are coming in from the southern states, cross borders and or imported from China (knock-off brand) and sold for big profits on the black market. The back alley sellers are paying $5 a pack from another state and sell for $10, making a tidy profit and the buyer loves the bargain! The city has failed once again and for them to penalize cyclist (whom by the way, mostly prefer a healthier way of living) for a tax is absurd. One of the top third highest retail tax rates in the country, simply look at the amount the city collects on retail sales tax on just a $500.00 bicycle... a bit over $46. Add $139.00 to a $1,500 bike.

iab 10-25-13 07:14 PM

Death and taxes.

People on bikes are not immune.

Also note car registration is $100. A city sticker will run you $135. $25 is a bargain.

no1mad 10-25-13 07:42 PM

Moved from Classic & Vintage.

surreal 10-25-13 07:48 PM

Where I live, bikes do not require any sort of registration, licensure, or other money-hungry gestapo greed maneuvers. I can own as many bikes as I like, and I may take any out on the street. It is expected that the bikes are equipped with a bell, adequate brakes, and lighting if it's ridden after dark, but these rules are seldom enforced.

If they ever wanted me to register my bikes, or get some sort of "cycling license", I'd move. That's horse-puckey.

lowbike 10-26-13 08:11 AM

I support it to a certain extent, so I say that he wants $25.00 per bike,so if you own several bikes for different reasons and types of riding, you must spend $25.00 per bike which may add up to anywhere from $50.00 and up. instead how about $25.00 per rider and each person must carry some sort of id to show that they are a licensed rider and to be renewed every year or two, and we hope that the revenue would go towards bicycle safety instead of the pockets of the mayor and other culprits.

Gravity Aided 10-26-13 07:55 PM

I don't have a license either, and I'm only 140 miles S/W of Chicago. Trying to keep taxes low by charging user fees doesn't work if taxes aren't low to start with.

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