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social suicide 12-15-13 11:45 AM

Silly Yoopers!
Every Saturday there is a new chapter

swampboy62 12-15-13 07:57 PM

Interesting. I've heard good things about the trails near Marquette.

Post up here with reminders when you put up new videos..

Steve Z

skijor 12-28-13 11:35 PM

Very cool (no pun intended)! Now all I need is the fat tire bike. One Salsa Beargrease...STAT!

That groomer looks like it does a great job.

Roody 12-31-13 07:40 PM

I do a lot of winter mountain biking down here in Lansing. Even better is ice biking--riding on the frozen lakes and rivers. We've got a good cold snap going--time to get out there on the Grand River! I'm going to have to try it in the U.P. soon...

BTW, you don't need a fat bike. A regular mountain bike with studded tires works very well.

social suicide 01-01-14 07:54 PM

Part three of the video shows riding on shelf ice. The fat bikes work much better on the groomed trails. (About 40 miles and counting)

social suicide 01-10-14 08:53 PM

Shredding some good snow part 5.

cubacherek 03-11-14 07:12 PM

One of the creators of this video series is my nephew. Quite the group of cycling enthusiasts up there.

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