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metabike 12-25-13 05:20 PM

Rochester MN Question
The wife has to go to Mayo next month and I was looking for suggestions on unique/local color type places to eat. She's got a full slate of appointments and we'll be leaving on a Saturday, any fun things to see before we face 9 hours on I-90? Thank you for any pointers you can send my way.

bikemig 12-25-13 05:32 PM

Chester's Kitchen and Bar is very good. Mac's is very good esp. for breakfast. For a small town, the restaurant selection in Rochester is very good which isn't surprising when you think what the business of the city is. I hope that everything is well with your wife. The Mayo is a fabulous place.

metabike 12-28-13 07:47 PM

Thanks for the tips sir, and thank you for the good wishes for the missus. We were there in November and the Clinic is indeed an amazing place. What we found most interesting is how the world's top notch diagnostic facility got its start with a Civil War surgeon and his sons; funny how things work out sometimes.

yote223 03-23-14 08:07 PM

Wong's is legendary as is Michaels. John Barleycorns..... the list goes on. No shortage of eats in Roch !

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