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stayfed 01-06-14 09:53 AM

Winter Cycling in Cincinnati
A client wants me to come out to Cincinnati for a couple weeks starting this Monday and was curious on what the weather is like out there right now. Ideally I'd like to bring my road bike so I can get some training in before work.

Any advice?


10 Wheels 01-06-14 09:55 AM

Bring some gloves

stayfed 01-06-14 09:59 AM

Yikes. I am more concerned of snow and ice.

10 Wheels 01-06-14 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by stayfed (Post 16386896)
Yikes. I am more concerned of snow and ice.

They have some hills to go along with the -27*F

stayfed 01-06-14 10:04 AM

I guess this will really put my winter gear to a test. I've only read in the teens out here in the East Coast.

jeffmiller887 02-05-14 09:22 PM

Lived in Cincinnati for 25 years. Generally the February is 30s and you may get some intermittent warm days. Aside from that don't expect less than teens and usually the snow or ice doesn't stay long.

Lanovran 02-05-14 11:01 PM

It's been pretty chilly here this winter. I am more than ready for spring! There's a bunch of icy snow on the ground right now, and it may snow some more this weekend. That being said, I did see a guy pedaling along up the road this evening on my drive home, and I went out myself a few days ago. If you're coming here soon, then you'll definitely want to bring some cold-weather gear and perhaps something to clean the road salt and grime off of your bike. They love their salt trucks here...

Weather aside, Cincy definitely has its fair share of hills, and it has plenty of really awful drivers. I've not personally had any issues with car traffic along the river, downtown, nor on the east side, but the Clifton/Avondale area can be hairy, as well as anything immediately north of I-275. To be honest, there is definitely some nice riding to be done around here, and any local bike shop can give you plenty of recommendations. You can also check out routes for the area here: (you'll need to zoom in a couple of times on that map before it shows you anything useful).

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