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dannwilliams 03-09-14 09:14 AM

Getting above freezing, FINALLY! Taking the winter beater out today, hoping for a 20 mile ride. Wind is blowing hard from the south, bringing in the warm air. I am so ready for warm weather to get here. I didn't make it to Tucson for a "fix" this year, so above freezing is my fix! Fenders and studs, there are still icy patches out there, still need the added traction. Maybe next weekend I can take the road bike!

Drag 03-10-14 12:28 PM

This winter blows chunks.

smontanaro 03-10-14 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by Drag (Post 16565431)
This winter blows chunks.

I agree, though I was able to explore new temperature lows for my commute. I left the house a couple times when it was less than 5F. I know that's wuss territory for the Minnesotans and the Yoopers, but it was significantly less than my previous low, probably around 15F.

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