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Sarge871 03-23-14 05:15 PM

New Bike
Hi again,
Anyone out there ride a Trek Shift 4? Been looking to upgrade and test rode one the other day,just looking for some input.


yote223 03-23-14 07:47 PM

I looked at one. Opted for a 3500 Disk Brake. I think that I made the right choice. $200 less but it is a much better platform for up-grades.
I think that I have it ready to go. Changed out the quick disconnect axle skewers and seat post clamp. (anti theft). New Serfas Rx seat, palm grips, XLComp adj Stem and a rack. And for all of the broken beer bottles, I put on a set of Forte' Dartmoor tires with Tuffie Liners and heavy duty tubes. Spent more time fixing flats last summer than I care to think about.

Sarge871 03-23-14 08:47 PM

Thanks for the feedback,not sure what I'm goin with yet. Gonna keep shopping around,thanks again for the reply!

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