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rafonabike 12-27-12 10:46 AM

Weekly group in Hawaii

This is Raphael, from Switzerland. I will be in Hawaii for about ten days. I would like to join a group ride or anyone who ride around the island. Does anybody have any tips? I will rent a road bike also. Any shop/rental place to recommend?

thanks in advance for the help.

Pobble.808 12-29-12 07:50 PM

aloha -

If you're going to be on Oahu, where Honolulu is, you can find a good listing of rides at

As for rentals, one place is The Bike Shop on South King Street:

Everybody has their own opinion, but for me the Tantalus loop ride is the greatest. If you want something longer, nearer the water, and you don't mind cars whizzing past, going up the Windward side of the island on Kalanianaole Highway is the popular choice.


robble 12-29-12 09:23 PM

you can also check for rides they do on a regular basis.

rafonabike 01-04-13 05:41 PM


Thanks for the tip.

I am in Kailua. I went to rent a bike at The Bike Shop.
I am on the island till the 12th. So if anyone is up for a ride and for showing me some nice road, let me know ([email protected])


robble 01-22-13 03:47 AM

Tantalus loop ride tomorrow morning. 7 am.
I plan on being there.,0.084028

toddles 01-26-13 12:45 PM

Why group rides? I'd prefer to go riding alone any day.

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