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100lbHustle 02-03-13 10:49 PM

Owen Wilson road bikes?
I saw Owen Wilson on a pretty nice road bike on Maui in Paia a few months back. Anyone know if that was actually him or if i was just seeing stuff. Also what are some good bike routes to take while in Maui, preferably something under 100 miles.

t4mv 02-04-13 02:11 PM

Did you take this pic? ;)

That's quite the fashion statement, there...

'Got nothing for riding on Maui, other than Haleakala. It's under 100 miles. :)

100lbHustle 02-06-13 12:09 AM

Yep thats it lol. Clipless and all huh. Do you know what hes riding in the pic? i saw him with another bike, one with purple wraps. But i was planing to definitely do Haleakala when i get there, its the biking staple of Maui.

CB HI 02-13-13 05:55 PM

Northwestern loop is a pretty good ride. Lots of up and down hills along coastline.

Uplands have some good mountain biking trails.

Bike shop at the first shopping area leaving the airport can show you routes and other info or rental.

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