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100lbHustle 03-12-13 06:12 PM

Anyone want to share some knowledge?
Hi, as I believe I have posted before, I am 14 and new to cycling. Just recently our class was told to start an individual project which we get to research on any subject we want. I chose cycling (road specifically) and I needed some sort of primary resource who was a person that i could talk to and ask questions to or interview them. So basically what I am asking is if anyone on this forum would like to be my resource. Id probably ask you a few questions about your experiences, your opinion on certain things and advice type questions, weather this would be by phone, email or face to face, it would be up to you. Cheers! :D

yamsyamsyams 03-13-13 12:33 AM

If you post the questions here, I'm sure you'll get a bunch of people (including myself) willing to answer either directly on the forum or private message :)

100lbHustle 03-13-13 04:51 PM

The only problem is, I need actual names of the people who help me. On top of that my PRIMARY resource is just one person, so i cant refer to 1-5 people as a primary resource to my project.

yamsyamsyams 03-14-13 12:24 AM

feel free to PM me your questions

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