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100lbHustle 03-31-13 10:24 PM

Biker right past Kahalu'u and whats a good shoe?
Does anyone live right past Kahalu'u on the windward side? I just got back from a ride with a friend of mine, as we were turning around at Kualoa Beach Park we see a guy on a Red bike and a blue/white jersey on. We decide to catch up to him and we do at around the Poi Factory in Waiahole. I was riding about 30 or so feet behind, just wondering whoever you are, if your on the forums, thought it would be cool to meet another cyclist in my general area.

Anyway, just thought id put it out there. On another note I wanted to purchase better Clipless Shoes but i dont know what to get, I have stock clipless pedals so anything that uses that cleat would be nice. Price range is about 80-150 give or take. Thanks!

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