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Bazinga808 04-25-13 07:04 PM

Pearl Harbor Bike Path
just getting back into riding and was playing around with the idea of riding to work once or twice a week and that path would be the the bulk of my commute. Is it a nice path?? is it well paved??? I would be riding it in the early mourning before sunrise would i need a head lamp or is it lit pretty well and any other experience you have with this path would be great!!!

100lbHustle 04-29-13 12:02 AM

You definitely want both your rear light and front light if your going to be riding that early and on a bike path like that. For the most part its a pretty good ride, but im pretty sure that the bike path goes out into the westlock area, like by the central traffic zone. So your going to want to watch for that, definitely advisable that you are visible. Most of it is pretty good in terms of pavement, but some parts can be pretty crappy. maybe a few pot holes or gravely spots hear or there.

I haven't really ridden it in a while so it would be nice to start riding it again. Its a nice stretch, there can be quite a bit of bike traffic at certain times of the day, so its not dangerous to ride really. Well I hope you have a good time riding and welcome to the forums. Hope to see you out there sometime! :D

CB HI 05-15-13 11:07 PM

Sorry, I was off island when you first posted and just saw your question today.

There is no good route all the way in from Makakilo. Much of Farrington Hwy passing through the old cane field area has fast drivers, that too often do not pay attention. That is the worst section of the ride.

The Bike path is not currently constructed between the west side of Waipahu to Waipahu Depot Road. So you still need to take Farrington Hwy, turn right onto Waipahu Depot Road and left towards the fire department repair station (if you reach the police academy, you have traveled too far). The Pearl Harbor Bike Path starts across the fire department repair station.

The Waipahu section was suppose to be constructed many years ago by the State, do not hold your breath.

The Pearl Harbor Bike Path is a decent ride. Some degradation of the path surface exist due to tree roots and heavy equipment being run on the path. None of the path is lighted, you need a good head light. No need for tail light when on the path, but I suggest you run a tail light on the roads, night or day.

The path does cut through the CINCPACFLT boat landing turning into a roadway, but it is gated. If you have an active duty military ID, there is a card reader to open a small gate for cyclist (0500 to 1700 I think). The card reader has been broken, so there is one of the large gates open to let cyclist through for now.

At the Arizona Memorial, you will need to ride up to Kam Hwy to continue.

From Makakilo, the Pearl Harbor Bike Path will only cover about half your commute.

rowhoss 06-01-13 10:29 PM

Great info here that answered most of my questions. I want to get a road bike to commute from Ewa to Pearl Harbor.

Is a road bike safe for the pearl harbor path? Thanks!

CB HI 06-04-13 10:33 PM

Road bike will work fine. Use either 700x25 or 700x28 if the larger size will fit.

thelazywon 11-21-13 05:16 PM

I ride from Queens to Ewa every day after work. I take Vineyard, Liliha, Dillingham, Nimitz, Kam Hwy, Pearl Harbor Bike Path, Farrington, Ft Weaver Rd. The Pearl Harbor Bike path is my favorite part of the ride, but it getrs muddy from the work they are doing down there, you have to be careful. I run 700x25 Armadillos

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