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Ok, so here is my resurrected blog from my 2005 tour from Kentucky to Wyoming.

I've taken every post I made on that tour and put them into a new blog so you can read them straight through. I'll upload pictures from the tour but I probably ought to get some work done first.

Here you go:
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hi cyclos!

hello everybody

my name is olivier, i am french and i already came from france to thailand following the silk route.
here is the link to my blog about this trip:

and this is the link to my new blog, that will be about my future travels from perth, western australia to sapporo, japan, from prudhoe bay, alaska to ushuaia, argentina and maybe from cape town, south africa to cairo, egypt:

these two blogs are in french and english, the only problem for english speakers is the interface is in french...

don't be afraid to contact me if you have questions about my bicycle trips, i'll glady answer you (if i am able to find a good computer! )

i am now in perth to earn some money to keep on riding my bike. i think i'll be here until september 2008 where i'll leave to go to my trip to japan through asia.

see you and my the wind be with you!

EDIT: forget about olivelo and, they'll never be finished!
i'm working on a new site, easier to build and with an english interface
take a look here:

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Just getting off the C&O, starting the GAP. Presently raining, should improve later though. Internet access has been spotty, we have been lagging a day or three lately on our blog.
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If you're interested in Western Alpine roads (Grandes Alpes), here's mine
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First tour ever. Solo of the pacific coast, south north.

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Two and a half weeks into the northern teir route.
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Here's a report from my trip through C. America...
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Liked 0 Times in 0 Posts For some cities, the tourist guides offer cycling tours.
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Ride the Rockies 2008 on a tandem...and we're still married!

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succumbs to errata
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My half-arsed blog, but with a bunch of recent tour content:

Flickr: Lac-Supérieur Tour 2k8
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Munchin' and rollin'
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Here's my photostory from my Katy Trail ride:
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cycling n00b
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I don't have a blog or webpage about my tour this year, just a bunch of photos. I'll be adding more once i get them edited, 40 pics online as I type this, will probably be twice that when done.

Edit, the photos are from Finland, Sweden and Denmark

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Oregon to New Jersey
Transcendental Transcontinental

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Biking to the Pits
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Pedaling to the Pits:Biking to the Bellybutton of Six Continents

Hello, Bike Forum Folk

I'm new the site, and like what I see coming from cycle tourists from all points. Here's my story: starting in 1996, I worked for Discovery Channel Online, making the first online cycle trip from Darwin to Lake Eyre, Australia. The tecnology was all Discoverys, but the stories are mine, and over the next six years I completed my tours of the lowest point on six continents - places like the Dead Sea and Death Valley. This summer, Sierra Club Books published my account of the journeys, Into Thick Air, and I've been promoting the book via a book tour, and now Bike Forum. You can check out one cyclist's opinion of the book at, but you'll have to scroll down to find it. The GreenGlobetrotter gave me a review, too: Natually, I've a website,, where you can link to photos from the trips.

The book is not so much about my bike as the pleasure of being outside, on a bike, and free to go where I like and camp where I please. That's why I ride. But I'm happy to field questions on bike touring, especially for those considering a ride to far-away deserts where the info is might scant. Just drop me a line at

Jim Malusa
Tucson, Arizona
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I started a blog last year to encourage newbies to tour and commute by bike, and recruit companions for a trip around the Mediterranean that keeps getting postponed. Most of the recent posts are journal entries from a tour of southern Italy I did a few years ago--and just got around to posting the stories, tips, route notes and photos:
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It took a while to finish but it's done. Journal and pictures from our tour last spring from Maastricht, NL to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
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My sports blog

My bikes - Trek 4300 and Surly Cross Check

Bike pics and specs:
Touring pics:
Day trips (Ireland):
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Half completed but I'm still working on it at the moment. Oslo to Istanbul via the Arctic Circle.
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Newbie here. I just ordered my Surly LHT so I haven't done any actual touring yet but I plan to soon. Here's my blog
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Ride The Classics

Ride The Classics

Get ready for your booking and “Ride The Classics” in 2009!
Ride The Classics is a top tour guide organisation, that offers you some of the most challenging cycling trips in Flanders, Ardennes, Spain and France.

Cycling Tours
We organise several cycling programms. We have three different kinds of tours and one training camp::
1. Flanders Weekend - April 3-13, 2009
2. Ardennes Weekend - April 17-27, 2009
3. Tour de France- July 4-26 (several options available)
4. Mallorca training camps ( Between January and April)

Exclusive arrangements
We can also book particular tours for exclusive groups of cyclists. If you have a group you will only have to book your desired date, the sooner the better. To book an exclusive cycling tour you have to gather a minimum group of 8 for Guided-Tours.

You can visit our website ( and there you can find all tours for 2009. We are waiting for your contact!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Here's a link to my current website documenting my RTW cycle ride.


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Hi there!

This June I completed a 15 day trip from north to south Spain. It was around 1100 km. You can read more about it here:
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just finished my first tour, cross-country from Maine to Oregon. One thing that we really liked in the area of blogging was to have an updated google map embedded in our site (maybe I'm not telling you all anything new). I would call my fiance and give her our location every night and she would update it. Everyone back home absolutely loved following us with it. It also made it not so critical for us to find ways to update our blog as often. anyway, hope you enjoy the site.
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My first tour ever. 9 days and 664 miles circling the Olympic Peninsula using Adventure Cycling's new "Washington Parks" route.
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Lentement mais sûrement
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My latest trip in pictures: Atlantic Canada - Around the gulf of St-Lawrence

- For the largest display, press F11 and click on the main photo on the right. This opens the "lightbox".
- Use arrow keys to naviguate from one pic to another.

Other trips in photos: Cycling galleries
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