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misterwiggles 11-16-16 04:56 PM

Sirrus Decision Time!
Hey all,

Bike stolen!! Sucks, but I am in the process of choosing between two new cycles, and can use some feedback, opinions. These are the choices:

Specialized Sirrus Ltd usi2 SL4 2013
Specialized Bicycle Components


Specialized Sirrus Expert Carbon 2017

Both bikes are brand new. The Expert has a newer geometry frame, the Ltd has the roubaix type frame. The Expert has disc brakes, the LTD does not, and the Ltd has electronics.

The Expert is going for around $2000, the LTD was originally $5000, but the dealership is asking for $2500. I might even be able to squeeze a little more off.

Any experience, opinions, etc are much appreciated.. Thanks!


Jaxjag 11-16-16 07:58 PM

Perhaps a minimal factor but I love the disc brakes on my Sirrus. Otherwise, I am lower on the $$ scale with mine so I am not sure I have enough insight to be of assistance. I suspect you will love either one.

Good luck and enjoy!

badger1 11-17-16 09:55 AM

Nice "problem" to have!

Choice? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

1. Will they be able to supply the '13 in the correct size? If yes, go to #2. If no, the end: 2017.
2. Do you want discs and/or capacity to run tires wider than 28? If yes, the end: 2017. If it doesn't matter > #3.
3. Can you try both for correct sizing? If no, the end: 2017 (I'm assuming shop more likely to have access to a range of sizes on the current bike.) If yes, > #4.
4. Try both, and decide which you prefer. They will fit differently. As you note, the '13 is a Roubaix frameset fitted with flatbar components. The current Sirrus is a purpose-designed flat-bar road bike: different reach etc.

I deliberately didn't mention Di2; to my mind, that's a minor consideration relative to the above. Just my thoughts!

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