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peter gg 05-21-17 11:39 AM

suspension advice
new to cycling as in not done it for 20+ years since being a teenager :eek:
decided it would help me get fit and outdoors etc.
i got myself a 2nd hand carrera crossfire 2 which has suntour nvx suspension as it was a good deal :)
my riding is some cycle paths and some bridle paths etc. so i wanted a bike that had suspension to ease the bumpier rides.
i am now thinking i could maybe do with upgrading the suspension to something i could maybe lock out ?
my issue is i know nothing about suspension so would not know what to look for that is compatible etc.
any help much appreciated :) thanks in advance.

blue192 05-21-17 11:58 AM

Hmm might be easier to just upgrade the seat post to a thudbuster. That would certainly be easier than to replace an entire fork.

MRT2 05-21-17 12:10 PM

Well, good suspension forks aren't cheap, so you may well spend more upgrading the fork than you spent on the entire bike.

Delmarva 05-21-17 04:29 PM

I'll play heretic and suggest that you not spend much money changing the suspension on a bike that is new to you. Just ride it as is. Get used to the bike while improving your riding strength.

canklecat 05-22-17 05:40 AM

It's not cost effective to upgrade the forks on those comfort hybrids. I have one and after a year was in good enough condition to consider another bike. I kept the comfort hybrid as an errand bike and got an early 1990s rigid fork mountain bike that I ride most of the time now. In August I'll have ridden the second bike for a year and will begin to consider a road bike with drop bars for a bit more efficiency.

But I'm keeping the comfort hybrid because it's a great errand and cruising bike, especially on some of the rougher roads around here. It's not fast but neither am I.

fietsbob 05-22-17 08:43 AM

+1) a good/excellent suspension fork is = to the cost of a decent new bike, with an adequate fork.

Knees and elbows absorb shocks well when you get off the saddle..


coominya 05-22-17 08:11 PM

Originally Posted by canklecat (Post 19601111)
I kept the comfort hybrid as an errand bike and got an early 1990s rigid fork mountain bike that I ride most of the time now.

A wise man. It's easy to waste thousands on bikes for the soul purpose of exercise but a trusted old MTB will do the same job. I have 4 now! Cheap Giants, and have rebuilt one, an ally one that spins along better then the $1500 Toughroad I bought.

Wanderer 05-23-17 10:02 AM

Not knowing your weight, try adjusting the preload, +, as far as it will go. It will stay relatively still when loaded, but will still absorb shocks._

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