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MrWasabi 06-22-21 05:56 PM

Seatpost clamp preference.
I'm in need of a new, well made, non QR seatpost clamp. What's everyone's preference? I can get a Thomson for under $30. Anything better for the money or slightly less?


John Valuk 06-22-21 07:29 PM

What size of clamp do you need?

I like the Salsa Lip-Lock. I have one of the older design, which uses a larger fastener, but I suspect that the newer design would probably do the job.

The pictures on Salsa's web site are actually of the older design. If you look at the reviews there, one buyer disappointed by the changes has pictures showing both old and new.

I like the look of the one from Wolf Tooth Components, too, and have read some favorable things about it - but haven't personally tried one.

MrWasabi 06-22-21 07:37 PM

Thanks, I'll check them out. I need a 34.9.

John Valuk 06-22-21 07:52 PM

When I was looking for one, it was really a toss-up between those two.

With some hunting around, I was able to find a Lip-Lock of the older design in the size I needed and color I wanted, so I bought it while I still could. I thought the style would suit my mid-90s Trek Multitrack well. After installing it, I'm really happy with the result.

3speedslow 06-24-21 07:31 AM

Good question! Any well made one would do the job but the availability of so many choices can be mind boggling.

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