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qmsdc15 05-10-11 04:59 AM

Not really tri bars. Cannondale XYZ barends came stock on some of their mountain bikes in the 1990s.

I have to try to find interesting backgrounds. People would get fed up seeing the same bike over and over again in front of a white garage door... :)

mleach82 05-10-11 11:58 AM

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Picked up my new Hybrid last Thursday to replace an old Schwinn Cimarron i've been riding:

2011 Giant Cypress:

KungPaoSchwinn 05-10-11 12:03 PM

Nice ride,how much it set you back for?

mleach82 05-10-11 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by KungPaoSchwinn (Post 12622887)
Nice ride,how much it set you back for?

Bike was $379

rudnipe 05-10-11 04:30 PM

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some how i missed posting here... so here we go again - my rides, GT AutoStream and a REDLINE CX daily commuter

qmsdc15 05-10-11 04:38 PM

How do you like the automatic transmission?

rudnipe 05-10-11 04:44 PM

okay on flats, if you ever encounter any hills, i just do some circles for it to shift down - works great on a trainer - here we have an iron horse trail so it's works fine on that

frantik 05-10-11 05:06 PM

bikes with automatic transmissions?! holy moly

qmsdc15 05-10-11 05:10 PM

It's pretty cool. I'd love to try one.

thedave80 05-10-11 08:45 PM

I finally got a good picture of the bike. 06 Diamondback maravista that I saved from rotting at my last base, with a lot of swapped parts. It's been a fun project and isn't done yet.

giantcfr1 05-10-11 11:14 PM

I love projects :)

AdelaaR 05-11-11 02:11 AM

That automatic gearing thing looks completely unnecessary yet extremely cool! :D
I didn't even know that sort of thing exists.

chibibike 05-11-11 04:04 PM

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AdelaaR 05-11-11 04:06 PM

Nice bike chibi ... I hadn't seen any roadbikes with suspension forks and discs yet inhere.

chibibike 05-11-11 04:19 PM

thank you very much! It's something i put together myself cause I didn't really like any of the bikes in the bike shops so I picked the frame I liked best and changed everything else on it til I liked it completely. I wish I could do that with people.

AdelaaR 05-11-11 04:27 PM

So that's a Trek Utopia converted with drop bars and 23mm tyres?
I see you kept the brakelevers ... do the brakes on the drops work aswell? ... that would be even cooler.
The white computer makes for a nice touch.
The only thing I would advise you to change are the pedals.
It would be nice if you would take a picture from the drivetrain's side and a bit less angled :)

qmsdc15 05-11-11 05:19 PM

Those aren't stock levers. Nice bike!

giantcfr1 05-11-11 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by AdelaaR (Post 12629438)
...I see you kept the brakelevers ... do the brakes on the drops work aswell? ...

They look like auxiliary / in-line levers.

Nice bike chibibike

chibibike 05-11-11 07:12 PM

nothing is stock except for the frame and rims and pedals. the brakes on the top are cane creek crosstop inline brake levers. I plan to get clipless but not in any rush. I just started riding a bike really and I don't like the idea of having to wear special shoes to ride all the time. I think I saw some that have a normal pedal on one side and the clip in thing on the other side i think i'd get those. The tires are 700x25. The shock helps a ton when i'm on bumpy terrain but when I'm on flat road I can lock it. I originally planned on getting a thinner carbon fork but i think i'd really miss the shock absorption I get here. I'm in the process of building a all carbon race bike anyway so I'll just use that if I know i'll just be on flat road the whole time.

giantcfr1 05-11-11 10:10 PM

What are you doing???
I'm just having a game of DayTime, Night Time...want to play?

Day Time

Night Time

AdelaaR 05-12-11 02:44 AM

Nice one :D
It's funny how the brand name isn't visible in the day but comes out at night.
Now I finally know you have a Cannondale.

AdelaaR 05-12-11 02:46 AM

Chibi, nice one on the inline brake levers ... must be handy.
I strongly encourage you to get the Shimano A-530's or similar ... I got 'em and I love 'em :)

X-LinkedRider 05-12-11 07:54 AM

Sweet ass glow in the dark cannondale! ;)
Also, very nice custom built Trek there chibibike

+1 with the pedals. Hybrid flats if you are not sure on committing to shoes. I have Wellgo equvilents on my Giant FCR as my first pair of clipless pedals. After riding them just a few times, I completely made the switch to ALWAYS riding clipped in. Now I use the 520's and some dual sided MTB pedals for all of my other bikes, however I am switching the Shimano 105 SPD-SL pedals sometime in the next couple of days on my road bike.

These pedals clip in on one side and are standard flat pedals on the other side.

chibibike 05-12-11 08:18 AM

looks neat

chibibike 05-12-11 08:23 AM

I've been doing a lot of night riding with girlfriends lately but I have a low end cateye light I got years ago and it's not making things very bright and I still can't see the road so I'm gonna go get a cygolit 400 tomorrow, I can't wait, I hope it works good.

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